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Thread: A new home to my heart

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    Default A new home to my heart

    I just have to say that in the last few day I've split my time between the site and my real life. I can't explain why, but I feel better playing on the site. Every so often I'd get migraines, but when I'm here It just goes away. I've come to think of this as a home. I only hope for the best for my new family in your current and future goals.

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    It could be stress related. I know at times when I do things that calm me my headaches go away. I'm glad you have some place to be happy though. Most people look for places such as those.

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    HI guys I like that you have call the comunity home cuz I to come back here every chance that I get, some time my job and access to the computer keep me away but when I can I come home, I trully did think that I was all alone and the only guy that liked to wear diaper all of the time that I was growning up he he, But three years back when I found the comunity online well lets just say it sounds good for you to say that it is home.

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    For me this site is a big part of my daily life. I'm retired so I can visit at will and participate as often as I can. On some days when it's slow it makes for a long
    day. The site still doesn't stop me from doing my daily routine as I can come and go as needed.

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