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Thread: cloth like diapers are better with liner than plastic backed

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    Question cloth like diapers are better with liner than plastic backed

    It seems that way to me. Im wearing a cheap diaper with 3 abu boosters and its a perfect fit.
    Any feels or opinions.

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    It depends on the person. I think a plastic back are better overall and a boaster just make it better. But we have to factor in a few things. How good or cheap that plastic diaper. The same question will go for cloth back diapers

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    Its walmart diaper. But my cushies are comin soon.

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    Cloth-like backed diapers will never be the same as a full plastic backed one, especially if they have those awful breathable (but super-stretchy/saggy sides)... They're comfortable, sure... but they don't feel "secure"... :-/

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    I don't prefer cloth-like backed diapers. I like the full plastic backed diapers instead.

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