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Thread: wet diaper froze under work slacks while walking home.

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    Question wet diaper froze under work slacks while walking home.

    I walked home from Work but before I left I diapered myself like always. Well I wet on the way home. I went to change clothes and noticed the diaper had frozen on the plastic front. Just an odd thong any one else have that happen?

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    I will have to ask how cold was it and what were you wearing over the diaper. i have worn outside at -30 and never had a diaper freeze.

    but then again i had a neighbor that would walk to his mail box in a t-shirt and claim it was not that cold.

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    Glad that can't happen here in Texas

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    It was about 3 with a - 20 or so windchill. I was wearing thin slacks. It was frosty not like an icecube.

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    I washed my cloth all in one diapers, and had to bring them in from the clothes line when I saw it was snowing, and they were frozen stiff when I unpegged them.

    I never known a disposable diaper to freeze, mainly because there is no real water left in there, it all gets absorbed away into the SAP, also should be kept warm by your body heat.

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    I never heard of this happening and I was baffled when I first read it, I have no idea why it would even do that unless it had direct exposure to the cold.

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    Wow, this is definitely a first for me. Although I must say that I have had diapers that would be cold in the morning after wearing all night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothingusual View Post
    Glad that can't happen here in Texas
    One year when we live in Texas it was snowing in Spring Texas. Close to Houston. Don't say it can't happen.

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