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    I wear Goodnites to bed, as I find them comforting, I'm also a 19 year old senior in high school. Well the other night I went to bed as normal and to my surprise I hadn't piddled myself! So I decided to get ready for school, so I went to the shower and stripped down and threw my diaper into the trash, making it sit up high and visible so I'd remember to throw the trash away. I didn't. I forgot and as finished my shower, I left the door open to let the steam from my shower out and went to my room to get dress :c

    My mother who had just awakened called me over as I finished getting dressed and called me out on the diaper I hadn't throw out or even tried to conceal, I ended up telling her that I've been having nightmares and I needed some type of insurance so I don't piddle my bed :c

    Where do i go from here :c

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    well, you know your parents better than any of us. You have one of two choices 1) deny them - make up a reason for them, and then either be more careful now that you've tipped your hand so to speak about wearing. or 2) fess up and admit you like to wear them. But only you can decide on which course of action to take.

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    I'm wondering why you said you are a 19 year old senior, but the age on your profile says 22.

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    edit: ^^^ good catch!!! leavin my advice on the very off-chance this is not a faker... poor guy prob thought he was gonna be able to tell an elaborate fantasy story or somethin... too bad for a clerical error, damn!!!

    advice: take what you get & roll with it... the ball is in their court...

    mr. cherub outlined the next course of action pretty succinctly... use the bedwetting excuse, use some other excuse (not recommended; will look suspicious), or come clean... also, you do not have to come totally clean... "I was experimenting with diapers after I read somethin online" looks a lot better than "I've been interested in diapers for years now & they turn me on" (don't know your personal history / interest in diapers, just an example)...

    wetting the bed at 22 is pretty odd... might not stand up anyway... if they bother you nuff about it, you may be in effect coerced into spilling the beans...

    good luck...

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    I was found out just about a month ago by my mom. I was home from the college over winter break and our dog had gotten into my trash bag holding my used diapers.

    First thing I'd do is not lie. That only deepens your problem. You've already done that, so it's best to get out quick. See, now she thinks you have a medical issue, and would consider having you see a doctor about it, which is obviously not the case.

    Tell her it's a sexual thing (I'm assuming it is, correct me if I'm wrong. It's definitely sexual for me) and it's best to leave it at that. Telling her any further is the equivalent of a teenager telling their mother about their masturbation sessions or who they've banged from their grade. It's somethings parents don't wanna hear about.

    What I would do is go talk to her privately and tell her that what you said before was a spur of the moment reason, and not the real reason. Then tell her that the spiel about the diapers being sexual and that's it. Hopefully she'll understand it's just a fetish or a kink.

    Additionally, now you don't have to be super-incredibly paranoid about hiding diapers. Now that she knows, you can just keep them out of sight and not worry about them as much.

    I know it seems like a daunting task, it was for me too. I'm shaking right just remembering telling my mom. But honestly, your life will be a lot better after you've told her. You can just forget about it and go on with the way things were.

    Of course, if you are certain your parents will take the new poorly, don't tell them. I really wouldn't know what to do if your parents didn't agree with these activities, but I'd just play it out how your gut feels.

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    honesty is the best policy but i can understand how terrefying that can be be thank good know body's found out about my secret.

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