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    Howdy from the state of Texas (USA) from (so far) the oldest Daper Lover ever. If you know a DL over 80 years please let me know.
    I recently lost me wife to breast cancer and moved into a senior housing facility. I met my new lover next door. When we first met and started to get a bit serious, I told her about my diapers thinking that would be the end of it all. She answered, "Wow, that sounds like fun! I would like to try that!" Needless to say I introduced her to diapers and we love diaper sex all the time now.
    I joined ADISC a long time ago but I never took advantage of it. I'm glad to be back!

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    Welcome back to ADISC Dal. I'm coming at ya from North Texas. Sounds like your having fun in that seniors home. I'm not that far behind ya.
    Do you have any other hobbies or interests. I like NASCAR and the Texas Rangers.

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