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Thread: What Girly Animes Would You Want As Diaper Tapes?

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    Default What Girly Animes Would You Want As Diaper Tapes?

    I just love girly animes and magical girl animes, so I thought why not have our favorites as prints on diapers?

    I want to see Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Princess Tutu, and Tokyo Mew Mew as diaper tapes.

    Maybe someone can make these diaper tapes someday.

    What girly animes do you want to see as diaper tapes?

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    Princess tutu, Fruits basket, Ouran Host club. And one non girly one would be Accel world.

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    sailor moon, pretty cure, and cardcaptor sakura.

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    I would like to see Ah my Goddess or just for funnies Ponyo.

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