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    So with the Powerball Lottery hitting $110 million. I was thinking, "How much would it cost to have a full time women(most likely a pro dominatrix) keep me diapered and change me 24/7?". Pretty much let her do whatever she wants to me but keep me diapered the whole time.

    I know there have been guys who have duped nurses and care takers into doing this because they fake injuries or what not. This would be 100% consensual.

    I was thinking $70k and full time room and board with 2 days off each week.

    Like I said random thought.

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    if I won/came across a substantial amount of money I wouldn't be hiring a nanny or anything like that. I'd just go about daily life and not worry about much anything financially (financial planer) would be must.

    Plus your be inviting a dominatrix who doesn't care about you into having some control over you knowing your super rich. This doesn't sound like one of the better ideas I've heard.

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    Obviously I would have a financial planner. Besides winning my High School fake stock game in my business class, I know next to nothing about investing. I would even more than likely have a contract with the dom. I am sure there are lawyers and other people with kinks out there that can provide these sort of securities and contracts. Worse comes to worse, I think I would just visit someone in the area a few times a week maybe.

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    Doesn't seem like a safe situation to me. Although we don't have to worry about it because you will not win the lottery. Statistically speaking you just have no chance.

    If I were very rich I probably wouldn't be hiring a dominatrix unless I was into BDSM, which I'm not. I might consider hiring someone that would fill more of a nanny role (with full disclosure of course) when I really needed it. More likely I would just search for a mate that I was compatible with.

    The reality is that when someone has money they become incredibly susceptible to all sorts if efforts aimed at separating himself from his money. So I would likely continue to indulge in my baby side alone, maybe go on the occasional baby camp or use one of the equitable AB nurseries that are out there.

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    AB-related things I would spend massive lottery winnings on:

    1. 3 bedroom house: One room for me and my partner, one room as a nursery/guest room, one as a playroom. Also, a big garden with playground equipment...and tall fences!
    2. Uh, diapers, obviously: In fact I might well decide to become a UK distributor for cushies or bambino...I'd certainly make sure we had a big stash of all the major brands.
    3. Adult babbeh furniture: a crib, playpen, highchair, etc.
    4. Littles' clothing: I'd like to have the same kind of wardrobe a real little girl might have, with as much selection.
    5. Possibly a trip to an AB nursery: I'd like to experience something like that, just to see what it's like. :~

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    if I won one hundred million dollars ($ 100,000,000.00) I would put it in an insured account (or if I had to, into multiple accounts). I would then quit my job and live off the interest the rest of my life, and never touch the principle (original amount)

    Here is my reasoning:
    if I deposit 100,000,000.00 in an account.
    If the account earns 2% a year,
    that equals TWO MILLION ($2,000,000.00) in interest.

    Or even if it earned a measly .2% that still equates to $200,000 a year!

    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't currently make two million dollars a year, nor two hundred thousand. I think I could live quite happily off either of those incomes! I would be more than able to buy nearly anything I wanted (within reason of course), So long as I didn't go over my earned interest income each year.

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    I'd simply deposit all of it into a bank account except for maybe two grand each month, so I may pay for things and get by. I'd prefer to save up money for other people, in case something happens to me, or I have children. There's no sense in wasting all of it on vices when I can ensure my family will have a great financial future. Of course, I would spend some on diapers and the occasional AB item, but that certainly would be far from what I primarily spend my money on.

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    Hmm, I'd probably spend about $3M on setting myself up nicely with a small ranch, and set up an AB camp!
    I'd lkely have to splurge a little bit, but put most of it away first and live mostly off the interest

    another thing I'd do is take it on the 25 year payout, that way, if worse comes to worse, i'd have to go back to work for a year. at my age, the 25 year payout, (~$4M/year) i'm sure I could sock some away to carry on my 'Golden' years till well past 100 if I should live so long

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    Here's how much it would cost you. I think 70K annually is about right for the first year, and then 10,000,000. in blackmail the second year. If your okay with being outed, then 70K the second year...haha.

    If I won 100 million, I'd buy a boat marina and live life large, especially in my Victorian beach house. I'd invite all of you guys to a big party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I'd invite all of you guys to a big party.
    WOOO! Diapers for everyone, and dogboy's buying!

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