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    Hey Peoples

    I thought I'd share a little story with you all in hopes of passing on a lesson.

    I currently live with two room-mates, a long time friend and his g/f. Well last week they brought up the idea of switching bedrooms. I had the bigger one, which I had shared with a old g/f. I figured it makes sense that they have the bigger one and was looking forward to the other room. It's much quiter and at the end of a hall, providing a little more privacy. Well, we got most of the big things moved and I had to run out for a minute. I had made sure to say I'd tackle my closet when I got back.
    I got back and went to my old room to get started, only to see my laundry hamper and a few other things removed from the closet. Well, I not only had a couple depends tucked into the corner of the closet, but also had a few worn ones scattered about in there. (not used, lol). Since one of them was from the night before, it was right on top of the hamper. I found a couple of them in a bag and the other under a bunch of clothes added to the hamper. I kinda laughed to myself and continued to work while they were in the living room watching tv. Now, my friend does know a little bit about my "little" side and I'm pretty sure he told her abit about it. Nothing has been said about it since, aside from a smirk from my friend. Kind of like, "I know what you do". Add on a remark he made a couple days after concerning my sock-monkey being on the bed. "Awww, did you sleep with your monkey?", I nervously chuckled "nope, tossed it at one of the cats"......I'm sure he didn't buy it.
    So, If you live with people, make damn sure you have a descreet garbage in your room, so you can avoid this very awkward moment.

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    That's definitely awkward. At least your friend was already somewhat aware, otherwise it could have been potentially even more awkward!

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    Aside from some blushing, no damage done - probably.
    If you meet some friends of your friend's g/f and the give you a funny look, you know why

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    Really, it almost sounds like there was a thrill in this and you subconsciously knew they could find you out?
    Why switch bedrooms in the first place if you do have a secret like that that's not for other eyes?

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    Yes, it was very awkward. But thankfully I don't believe she would tell anybody of this as I do trust her somewhat. Personally, I'm getting the point of not caring if people close to me know. I'm not about to shout it out from the roof tops, but it grows very tiring having to hide a part of yourself.
    @KTBFFH - As I said, they pretty well know already. As for switching rooms, this new room is much more secluded then the old one. Also the door actually closes properly. Before, I'd have to put something in front of the door to stop our cats from opening it up.

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    aw, i would have enjoyed a moment of understanding like this with my old roommate :-)

    the only moment i had was the other way around. he had been continuing to date his high school sweetheart. when we moved out, i was cleaning up and i found at least two dozen little aluminum condom-wrapper corners stuck in the carpet in different spots... it's like he forgot that they wouldn't disintegrate or something. so when he asked how the clean-up went, i mentioned that and he was a bit red-faced and stuttery :-) i was honestly just thinking that they sure did know how to keep it quiet!

    at that point i had a noisy mattress protector and was sleeping padded almost every night. i kept my stuff in a brown suitcase in my closet, and in my trunk. i am amazed that he never noticed, and/or never decided to ask about it. i guess maybe he noticed and just didn't want to know. although by that time i already knew *always* to throw wet diapers away (they're obvious, but "we" seem to be conditioned to be partially immune to the smell) so maybe he honestly had no clue.

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    My experience became legend on this site. About a year or two ago I had ordered some plastic pants from Fetware and they had the baby animals motif, not to mention that one was pink. For some strange reason, the site picked up on some random cookie, and gave them my daughter's address instead of mine. In a week we got a concerned phone call from our daughter, asking if someone had ordered adult sized plastic pants, because they had my name on them, but came to her and her family. She had taken them out since they have a baby and a toddler, and she was shocked to see that they could actually fit an adult!!! Needless to say, my wife did some creative lying, saying how this must have been some weird mistake, but that we'd pick them up when we came to visit, so we could send them back and make sure the money spent was returned to our credit card. I'm not sure it gets worse than that.

    I must add that I got a lot of raised eyebrows, and smirky smiles from my wife.

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    wow that sounds really awkward. i have had times where i have had to think of on the spot excuses.

    i have a support worker who comes round 2-3 times a week. he kinda knows about me being AB a bit. but a couple of times when he has come round, he has seen my bottles a couple of times.

    i had to lie and tell hm that they wernt mine. that i still had it because i had been babysitting my cousins. i didnt think he would buy it but he did.

    my biggest problem is that im a terrible liar. i cant keep a strait face to save my life.

    but yeah that was a very awkward moment for me. at one point i thought he had figured it out. coz he started looking atme and then back to the bottle in an odd sort of way.

    thank god he disnt figure it out. i dont know how i would have explained it to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTBFFH View Post
    Really, it almost sounds like there was a thrill in this and you subconsciously knew they could find you out?
    Why switch bedrooms in the first place if you do have a secret like that that's not for other eyes?
    He explained in his original post it makes sense for 2 people to share a larger room than 1 person. A single person doesn't need as much space to sleep in compared to multiple. That, and he didn't mind the other room since it'd give him more privacy.

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