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Thread: Sorta 'Punk Goth Femboy ABDL'

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    Default Sorta 'Punk Goth Femboy ABDL'

    I havn't posted here in a looooooooooong time, but I'd taken some pictures and I felt like sharing and getting some feedback. I'm an all out femboy, everyday and in real life and all that, been working on a sorta style for my side interest in the whole ABDL thing for that 'Mall Goth ABDL' sorta look. A friend suggested I post a pic here to see what sort of reaction I'd get so I'll do just that.

    ...Yeah, I suction cupped a $1000 DSLR to my window just to take this photo from that angle...

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    I'd say you definitely got the look right, if that's the kind of reaction you're looking for.

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    Very Cute - and I'll go one further: so cute that I hope that camera falls off on you (just a little bit) :-p

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRobKY View Post
    I second the cute and that shirt and just to cool
    I know, I love that shirt. I was like 'I'm gonna get me a cute pink and blank sorta punk shirt that's 'me'!' and I spent several days idleing browsing the internet. Wound up ordering it from the UK but it was so worth it. There's a plush of the bunny that matches it, but I coudn't find it for less than $40 and only shipped from Sweden.

    Quote Originally Posted by MsClaraRiddle View Post
    Very Cute - and I'll go one further: so cute that I hope that camera falls off on you (just a little bit) :-p
    The rig being strong enough to keep a camera attached to a moving fire truck, it'll stick to a window no problemo. The window would probably have to break before it gave up. ...Yes... My cameras's live interesting lives sometimes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyAshes View Post
    I know, I love that shirt.
    shortened quote as no need to re-post pics.

    I would say you pull off the look well the shirt and diaper pic for cute goth punk(loligoth), and very easily pass for a girl in that first photo.
    The pictures of you mounting the camera on the fire truck definitely get the androgynous goth punk look across, and reminds me of Edward from Full Metal Alchemist, if he decided try to pass a girl for the day for the record I think he and you could pull it off.
    Bandage bunny as I can't remember the character name is synonymous with the scene(loligoth), so very appropriate.
    I glad you have the courage and opportunity to express your self in public as you see yourself.

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    The first pic is very cute with the shirt and diaper looks good on you.
    Not as much in the second pic but you still got the look going for you.

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    The first picture is cute.

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    Most older post SRS TS look more like men.

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