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Thread: Adult baby toys

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    Hey i have lots of baby toys like teddies, rattles, teethers, etc. but would love to buy a baby gym, I wanted to know what your fav toys are? And do you buy baby toys?

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    I do collect stuffed animals and I've lost count of how many I have, haha. I also have some kind of rattle/teether combo thing. But my toys are video games-- I think they count since I was a baby when I started playing them!

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    Last year I donated all but, say, three of my stuffed animals. It was an impressive collection beforehand. Some dozens.

    These days, however, those animals are back at my parent's house while I'm at school (More because I simply forgot to grab 'em). I've got a pair of pacifiers, but nothing much else. Baby entertainment doesn't really appeal to me beyond pacifiers and stuffed animals.

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    I've got a few paci's and 2 stuffed puppies that's about it. Don't have room for anything else.

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    I have tons of toys, too! Nearly everything I own is a toy. Most of them being for the baby/toddler/preschooler ages. Some of my favorites are my Leap Frog Animal Safari activity table, Zany Zoo wooden activity cube, pull along hopping frog, Fisher Price Rock A Stacker, PlaySkool Pop Up Pals, Play Skool Tumble Top, various Duplo sets, various bead mazes, Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles, and Early Years Curiosity Cube.

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    I happy wid my box ob Duplos!

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    I have a toy gas station with cars, ostensibly for the grandchildren, but really for me. I had one made out of tin metal when I was four, and I would play with it for hours at a time. I love little cars and trucks.

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    I am considering getting a box of legos again, while not an infant toy, its certainly something for the younger set...
    wierd thing is, I work for a security company (go figure) the dispatch coordinator has a sign on her front door, showing legos on a carpet, with the caption 'Home security, throw on floor before leaving', I admit, stepping on those with bare or sock feet is not a nice experience!

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    I've always had a stuffed animal right now its a giant brown dog very fuzzy Also I have a hand crocheted stuffed Gir. This was made for me by a friend not because of any adult baby, but because come one Its Gir

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