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Thread: Need help. o.o

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    Default Need help. o.o

    BBC CBeebies - Bob the Builder - Music

    The song cracks me up, but I'm failing to download it. The video location is as follows.


    Anyone able to grab it for me? I tried Orbit Downloader but it's not connecting to the location for some reason.

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    Who cares? They've took a ravers classic and put a cute and hilarious childish edge on it.

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    Just asking...If you want to get the music though, there are music rippers that you can use for like Youtube videos...It takes the music from the video into a format (list of ones you can choose)

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    Default WinFF

    What you said, but better and fast.

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    Don't you need the file for that though? What I was talking about you just need the site of the video

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    Video DownloadHelper. Firefox extension.

    YouTube has a very crappy quality, so I suggest you simply download this (it's very useful to get embedded videos or music from about any website) and get the better quality version, if you prefer. Either way, it's good to have that if you're stuck with a video that's not on YouTube, like an anime episode, or MP3 files. There's also an option to download every media link on the page, in case you have tons of stuff you want to download on a single page, and don't want to right click and 'save as...' too much.

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    Why not just retrieve it from the temporary directory of your internet browser?

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