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Thread: Nappy higher at the back?

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    Default Nappy higher at the back?

    Just got some Attends Slip 10M 'special care' nappies, I've noticed they rise up my back alot more than the front, I've put them on the same way I always put a nappy on. I wonder if its for incontinent people that are bed ridden, to catch and leaks that go up the back?

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    A lot of "Premium" branded diapers rise high in the back. It's to prevent...overflow, during especially messy situations, as far as I know, Bambino, Cuddlz and Cushies are the only 3 premium brands that exclude such a feature (That's assuming you consider Cushies a premium brand, some don't due to poor quality control and low absorption)

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    I have noticed that a lot! I've been in hospital due to a ten meter fall i took in december and so naturally.... I've been liberating diapies, every day,.... and the kimberly professional go waaay up my back. Maybe you're on to something...

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    When putting a diaper on you should always find that the back comes about half an inch higher than the front. Anything more than that and I would assume you are putting them on wrong. I have been given Attends M10s while in hospital, and haven't noticed a huge difference between back and front.

    Maybe the elastic round the legs pulls it down a little. When you go to change into one, put one to your back, then pull through so you are stretching the leg elastics out, see if you can get it to fit level (or just about, with the half inch I mentioned before)

    I'm not really sure how you would have managed to get it to fit so high up on the back, have you got the tapes touching the very top of the front waistband or something?

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    i think the 'special care' type are different. If I set up with the half inch gap like you said, the bottom tape misses the front wing completely.
    Just noticed the top tape is about 3" from the top of the back wing, this is where the height at the back comes from

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    Hi Friends.
    The Attends Special Care, or 10 Regular Plus as I guess it is also known is indeed a bit of a strange product. The SC model was always targeted for patients who spent most of their time laying in bed, so indeed the fit and shape is designed to work better when in such a position - more protection at back. The old style (like5+ years ago) was one of my favourite diapers, ever.

    I do not like the fit, and believe the Attends 10 Regular holds just as much anyway.

    Play with the taping and make them work best you can, enjoy them, but then order '10 Regular' next time :-)


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    I've never noticed that, but the last batch I had has very very wide sides, with the tapes quite far apart.

    These would be great if you were bed ridden and don't move around a lot, but if you want to go out during the day or roll around in your sleep I found them very uncomfortable.

    Its a shame as the plastic is so soft, they absorb loads and look very nice.

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    I got mine from here SaveExpress | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus I bought one pack and the shipping price was expensive to ship to the USA. They are soft and big but not as thick as some others out their. I still use the USA version attends for my day time diaper.

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    I have read that front should be higher up than the back, so thats the way I have used for many years

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    I've found that it really depends on the size of the diapers I am wearing. Typically if it is a premium diaper and I am at the lower end of the size range they really seem to go up the back more.

    These diapers are not designed to be discrete and are often used for those who are not as active, like in a hospital bed. So they will have a more liberal fit all the way around. From being thicker, to wider at the crotch, to higher on the waist. I'm sure more complete protection is the objective as these diapers are more often used for/by those who completely void, or continually void, and not just small accidents.

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