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    So, I had an interesting experience the other night.
    Two nights ago, I messed my diapers for the first time. I had planned on doing this in the morning, but ended up doing it somewhere around one in the morning.

    You see, the floor in our bathroom caved a few days prior to this and we had a Menanite fellow working on repairing it. As a result there was no shower and no bathroom. So I had jumped the gun on my 24/7 plan for a few days as a convenience. I hadn't *gone* in two days as a result, not wanting the clean up. (Toilet was in the shower, so I couldn't just wash.) So I kept holding it and was going to do *it* in the morning after everyone had left for work or the gym. I didn't make it that far.

    Instead I awoke in the middle of the night, climbed out of bed and proceeded to poop. It wasn't like I didn't have any control, but I just didn't stop. It was kind of like what I imagine being hypnotized would be like. I was in control, but I wasn't at the same time. I'm pretty sure it was a result of holding it for two days, and being woken up in the middle of the night.

    Has this happened to anyone else? (Apologies if this rambles a bit.)

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    I'm not really sure the IC forum is the best place for this thread, maybe back into regular diaper talk?

    If you were relaxed, which you were as you were asleep before that, and had a real urge to go then its just going to try to come out.

    One thing about this post, how did you clean up properly without the use of a shower?

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    That sounds very interesting but that hasn't happen to me. I might try that some day. What did happen to me is when I had to poop. I put my hands under warm water and I lose control. I just pooped my diaper with no control. I don't know why that happens but it does for me.

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    @ChickenBoy- Wet wipes... LOTS of wet wipes. :/ Also, sorry about posting it here than, it seemed kind of awkward anywhere I tried posting it.

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    you were on what i call "autopilot"... i love the feeling the next day when you wake up and think "did i do that in my sleep?" and for a minute you're not quite sure :-) i'm not fond of messing but i have woke up wet that way a few times!

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    I've done this a few times. Well not the broken bathroom thing but woken up needing to go and ended up just messing my diaper without it being intentional. I just didn't make an effort to hold it and just let it happen.

    It is interesting because this will happen to me while I am diapered and in bed. Usually I am not even awake enough to really even think about anything. In some ways it concerns me because it literally just happens, yet it has never happened while I am not diapered but I will often wonder if and when it ever will.

    I also remember one time that I needed to go pretty bad and I was actually out and about. I was going to head home but ended up shopping for a new brand of diapers (I already knew what I was looking for and where I would get them). With my new diapers in hand I headed home quickly, went to my room, got diapered while laying down and as I was taping the last tape I just completely messed the diaper. I was relaxed and it was completely on accident, absolutely no holding back but also no effort to make it happen.

    So Cody, you never mentioned whether you enjoyed the experience or not.

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    Did you go back to bed or take care of it right away? I went back to bed once... waking up in the morning convinced me out of ever doing that again, haha.

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    It sounds interesting

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