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Thread: Anyone try S4 Abena Abri-Form

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    Default Anyone try S4 Abena Abri-Form

    I thought I'd some info the S4 Abena Abri-Form diapers before I order some. Has anyone had any experience with these diapers?

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    I think quite a few people here like them.

    They were to tight on me (31" waist) so I stick to the M4's but as long as you get the palstic abcked version they are a very good diaper, not as good as they used to be but still worth the money.

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    Hi no I do not know where to get the diaper that you are looking for I just like chating with you but the site has not made me an estabished contributor yet , hi babygohan

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    wish there was a way we could chat but I guess I just have to weait until they say that it is okay

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    I just checked the XP Medical website. The smalls are discontinued you'll have to go the Air-Plus cloth backed.

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    Well that sucks. I guess can't be helped. Sometimes I think diaper companies hate their clientele.

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    S4s are too small for me but I loveM4s. I'd buy them more often if I could afford them.

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