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Thread: Sick day thoughts.

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    Default Sick day thoughts.

    I've been sick the past couple of days and having the day off from work I've been sitting here watching TV and puttering around online and thinking. Sitting here in pj's and a plush dog that's as big as my torso (something I've had for years) and a goodnights pullup. all covered up in my tinkerbell snuggy That being said the only difference between this time of being sick and the last time I was sick is that this time I'm in a diaper.
    Its been this way for years, If I got sick its curled up with my stuffed animal and try to stay covered up. This is making me wonder how long that I've had these feelings buried inside but they are just now developing their own voice so to speak.

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    Winding back the years can help in dealing with being unwell as a person who isn't well I have found out first hand and if diaper, hat and plushies make dealing with it better than that's a very good thing for you.

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