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    Sometimes it happens to me to feel the need to surrender to someone else. Today is one of those days…

    I feel the need to give my wrists into the caring hands of someone I trust and say to them that I need help from them. That I cannot trust myself anymore and that I wish to allow them full control over my life for the time being for safety reasons. That he or she knows for sure what is best to do and that I will do whatever I can to obey their orders.

    I would also warn them of my weaknesses, knowing that I would for sure get lost, against my better intentions, without periodical control and pressure from their side. While the fašade is looking (more or less) fine, there are corners inside myself full of rubbish and fakeness, open up would be the first step to cleanup… The words would be, more or less: “My life is wasted if left in my hands. I’m yours. Do as you wish with me, and whatever you can obtain from my efforts is also yours.”

    Given that there are no humans I can trust to this point (I see that they all have, to some point, flaws similar to mines) and that there are no Perfect Gods out there answering our prayers, it would be probably better if we could make a community and, together, put down a program and stick to it.

    I’ve noticed that I’m often able to do for someone else things that I cannot do for myself, so maybe you could also be a better person for me (or for us) that for yourself alone…

    Or, maybe, it's just a trap and real, long-lasting motivation can be found only inside each self.

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    Hello there friend, would you care to divulge your troubles? would you like a shoulder to lean on, or a helping hand?

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    The previos post was probably a bit too emotional, here is a more rational explanation of my feelings.

    For the moment, I'm not wishing to disclose more than what I have said, that is:
    • General dissatisfaction at human flaws, from both myself and others, that make it impossible to completely trust someone.
    • Feeling that, by myself, I will endlessly run into the same mistakes and weaknesses.
    • Given the painful lack of perfection that affects this world and its human inhabitants, desire to find others that wish to fight against it together starting by admitting their vulnerability to each others and then taking measures to improve.
    • Doubt that even the attempt to fulfill this last desire could lead to a delusion.

    Of course I'm interested into your idea on this matter, otherwise I would not have posted it here...

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    Bud, i think you're forgetting or denying some hard facts of life when you arrive at your conclusions....

    1. Humans, people, are flawed. Period. You are, i am, everybody. That's what makes us people. We aren't perfect and if you search, you will find why that is so beautiful.

    2. You will only run into the same mistakes if you're doing it wrong. part of our imperfection means we can learn from our mistakes even though it's hard sometimes.

    3. You third point Grammer is not understandable... I think your on the right track with it though if you mean we should unite in our shared vulnerability.

    4. The last one doesn't make sense as a statment.

    Overall i think you're depressed. You must want to be happy and work for that change. Good luck bud.

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