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    Default Hi there!

    Seems it's been some time since I visited here, so here I am posting in the "greetings" forum.

    My name is Jennifer Wilkins, but I go by Jenny and in the general ABDL Community, I'm known as either DDNixx or babyddnixx01. I'm responsible for any of the celebrity "pasties" that have "DDNIXX" watermarked on them.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with my pasties and happen to be fans of celebrity women wearing diapers, I would encourage you to visit my gallery here: DDNixx on deviantART

    That's also probably the best place to contact me, if you're looking to have messages responded to, etc.

    Anyway, I'm 33 and live in New York with my beautiful girlfriend Bethany. She and I have been together since... hm, I don't actually remember when we officially got together, ha ha. Somewhere in 2003 or 2004. I'm terrible with stuff like that.

    For anything else you might be interested in knowing, I have an FAQ page at my DeviantArt page will probably answer your questions: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ME by *DDNixx on deviantART

    Hope you're all enjoying your days!


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    welcome to adisc! :-) you definitely seem comfortable with introducing yourself!

    i believe we of adisc are proud to have as many celebrities/ambassadors as we can :-) though i'm still waiting to see if our famous moo will ever appear on a parade float in his space-cow footed peejays! wink-wink-nudge-nudge :-)

    the most recent upheaval has been the policy change that disallows our under-18 members from joining or logging in. but fortunately most of the site is browseable by the public :-) i feel bad but not too bad. it was a big legal gray area.

    enjoy your time and i hope you find many interesting discussions here!

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    Thank you, Whisko!

    I hope to explore this forum thoroughly over the next little while!


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