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    For your info i am a senior in high school and i am 18 years old so i am still living at home and My step mom caught me throwing away my dirty diaper which I don't understand why she made a big deal she knows I wear them and why. She said you shouldn't still be having these issues, and diapers will never help you they will just make it worse and they are the worst things you could ever wear because they are real bad for your health. Then she told me to go take a shower and put a clean diaper on. Some past info my dad never excepted the fact I wear diapers and my step mom kinda excepted it, last year I got ankle surgery so she got me my diapers from my room so I could change into them when I showered she never helped me put them on, and I loved it she told me to just wear them all the time so I didn't have to get out of bed as much. I wish they let me stay at the hospital so they could help me get diapered but it didn't happen and plus that night I came home I bleed through my cast it was nasty. But I don't get why she says its horrible for my health and why she makes a big deal of it?

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    wearing diapers when you're not a baby / very old person = weird

    in present society, there is a cult(ure) of acceptance that many adhere to... if you adhere to it, you cannot say something is bad on the grounds that it is weird... even though, in many cases, that is precisely why people do not like something

    but because they adhere to the cult(ure) of acceptance, they cannot come out & say, "I do not like your diaper-wearing because it is weird"

    they have to come up with plausible excuses...

    "it's bad for your health," "no girl/boy will accept this and you'll never get married," "you'll never fit in," "you'll never get a job if you're still wearing diapers," myriad of other excuses

    sounds like your stepmom is struggling with the cult(ure) of acceptance.......

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    Mom told me the same thing, no be able to get a job, not be able to get married, no one would share a dorm with me in college. Here I am married and a mother now and have a job.

    It's a shame there is prejudice about incontinence.

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