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    I found a new brand of diapers at the store that I haven't seen before and it says. They are better than the depends max and they have a cloth backing on them so the taps are reusable I will update later on how well they absorb but I got a pack of 20 in medium for like $8 which isn't bad at all

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    premier value adult fitted diapers they are cheap diapers but they are comfortable and they do have a thick pad on them I don't know about absorbency yet but my favorite diapers I have tried so far are still the tranquility atn

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    Well I just checked and I probably peed in my diaper like Maybe 2 ounces idk but I was laying down since the last time I checked and was dry and I didn't leak and it only filled like less than a 1/4 of the diaper so far I am happy with them

    Well I changed it after I filled it, it actually holds a good bit for being a cheap diaper and i over filled it and it didn't leak out on less i like squished it with my hand. So I am happy with them and I rate them higher then depends but yes there are better diapers out there
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