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    How far are you willing to drive to get your diapers. Worst case scenario, every store you go in to get you diapers is out. How far do you drive before you give it up. I had to drive 25 miles to a neighboring town to get my diapers the other day because the store here didn't have them.

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    I tend to go about 30 miles or more so people I know dont notice me. I've gone an hour out of my hometown, but I had something to do in the same place so I took the chance to get some.

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    I wouldn't buy from a store at all unless I was really desperate. It's online only, for me, purely because of the quality and price difference.

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    Buy online only. Don't drive at all.

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    I usually travel a mile (and thats a walk not drive - Driving distance is about 3 miles thanks to stupid one way systems) to my local pharmacy and just get them there, or buy online. So 95% of the time I don't travel very far at all to get my diapers.

    There are rare times if I am running very low that I would pick up a smaller pack at a supermarket, or a pharmacy in the city center but like I said these are rare, something that only happened 3 times last year.

    As for the furthest I have traveled for diapers, that was just under 60 miles. And there was no real other purpose to travelling 60 miles. 3 of us from ADISC simply went down there, bought a few packs of diapers, had some food and went home.

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    I don' t buy diapers in stores because i am not a fan of depends and the like. I am guilty, however, of paying a lot for premium diapers online

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    To answer your question I would be willing to drive about 30 miles. At freeways speeds (70 MPH / 112 Kph) that is only 45 minutes. Years ago, when I had to commute 36 miles each way for work, if I needed diapers I would sometimes just leave a little early and stop at a health store I knew that had good prices. The stop was a few miles out of my way, which was no big deal since I was driving such a distance and was in the city for work anyhow.

    Now-a-days I do both in-store and online purchases. There are several stores around town I can go to with most being no more than 10 minutes away. But I have a few that I prefer to shop at.

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    I once did more than 40 miles round trip going to multiple targets to get just the right booster seat (ab related but not diapers).

    More impressive than that was the more than 22+ miles I walked (yes 7+ hours of walking in a foreign country where I didn't speak the local language) just to find libero sleep comforts and size 8 baby diapers. It was one of the biggest upsets in my life: libero sleep comforts were just curity sleep pants with purple stripes and the size 8 baby diapers were smaller than 3t4t pull ups. It was a nice walk through greek orange orchards and mycenaean ruins though. Plus I found a bunch of wall-e and ben 10 toys. I did however get dehydration sickness and almost died from crazy drivers. If that is not commitment to finding diapers I don't know what is.

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    In the UK it can be pretty hard to find diapers in shops. I once made a 7hr journey by train to pick up a case of Tena Slips... The shop was only about 30 miles away (60 mile round trip), but it took 4 trains to get there.

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    I love diapers AND driving. If there were unique diapers available, I might drive quite far. I used to frequently drive 60 miles one way for these awesome blue Attends (I don't know how, but they were thick and awesome...this was about seven years ago). And I don't know if it counts but I drive far for thrift stores, too.

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