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    Hey y'all. I'm a college student who has gotten back into diapers after two years of not being padded. I really want to wear as often as possible so I've bought a case of Abena L4's. I want to wear to classes and I need the best way to conceal them under cloths.
    I typically wear a jacket sweater and buggier jeans. But would it be less apparent if I wore tight jeans?
    Any advice would be great.

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    Wear clothes over the diaper, works fine for me..

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    I wear noisy track pants all the time so nobody notices. I also tend to have shorts underneath which easily explains any bulk.

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    Looser jeans, not too loose, a shirt that covers nicely and a jacket or coat work extremely well for me. I have seen there in an obvious diaper and jeans that were more on the tight side, it is pretty obvious because there will be bulges and ridges that just show (especially with the L4). The choice if diaper is fine, in fact that is one of my favorite diapers and they work well for me.

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    Probably doesn't really matter. No one seems to notice how bulky everyone else's butt is.
    You need to find what makes you most comfortable. For some, that is baggy, for others it is as restrictive as possible. But as I say, I think it matters to us and to nobody else at all.
    Which is great. You get to choose.

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