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    So I ran across this picture and it makes sense

    Sandy (of SpongeBob) spends most of her time in a diving suit. Most divers that go on long dives wear a diaper. So it would make sense that Sandy wears diapers a lot.

    But then I saw this, and it appears she's padded up even when out of the water:

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    This is interesting to me as well. I have long watched Spongebob, it is one of my favorites. Patrick has been shown in diapers a couple of times and there have been other references, so I have to wonder if the creators are at least somewhat diaper interested. If I were Sandy I would just wear all the time and it appears she was drawn to look like she is pretty often.

    - - - Updated - - -

    There is a small change that the image also contains a mistake. I believe they are using the same software I use for animation and it is pretty easy to occasionally leave small areas un colored if the animator is it really careful.

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    Sandy was/is my favorite SpongeBob character. She's a lot like my wife.

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