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Thread: Review the last movie you seen.

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    Default Review the last movie you seen.

    Well as the title implies review the last movie you seen. So I'll start this thing off.

    "Zack and Miri Make A Porno"
    The movie is about two roommates who knew each other since first grade. The problem comes in when both of them or more name Zack forgets to pay the bills. Both of them are broke and they need a fast way to make money. Well somewhere along the line Zack this "Wait lets make a Porno!".

    I won't tell you how it got there or where it goes after that but from then and onward into the movie but comedy ensues about two people making a porno with each other in a occurred situation.

    If your going to see this movie to see a porno you will be pretty mad since this movie does not show anything. Other then a few breast a woman naked and most of all Jason Mewes fully naked for one very small part. Jason Mewes will be remembered for playing Jay from the duo Jay and Silent Bob.

    So pretty much this is nothing like a porno. It's a romantic comedy tough its one both guys and girls can enjoy. Its a pretty great "date" movie for young adults.

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    I saw that too :3

    My review shall be short because I don't feel like talking about it a bunch...It was funny-ish...Better than Role Models, but not as good as Step Brothers...Around the same as Tropic Thunder comedy wise

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    I loved what happens directly after Zack slams the coffee house door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I loved what happens directly after Zack slams the coffee house door.
    Was that where the girl shits on that guy's face? That girl was hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Was that where the girl shits on that guy's face? That girl was hot
    Indeed it was... Also for anyone who read that that was not intentional at all. The girl accidental went number 2 on a guy's face while she was taking it up the well, you know what. Of course I have no idea who in their right mind would do someone like that while the person "getting it" is constipated.

    Anyways the thing happens very fast and the camera cuts away pretty damn fast too. But it was funny as hell since you don't see it coming..

    as my friend said it "he got shit faced!"

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    So is Zack and Miri Make a Porno legitimately funny? I was thinking of seeing it soon.

    Anywhoo, the last film I saw at the cinema was The Midnight Meat Train. Surprisingly given its title, it's not a porno, but rather a horror film. Well, I say 'horror', but as with most horror films, it's unintentionally hilarious. A 'horromedy', one could say. The flakey CGI, the excessive gore (I can't remember correctly, but I think there's a scene where Vinnie Jones punches someone's head off) and truly awful acting and dialogue for the stock 'hot girlfriend' character make this one a real winner. Or stinker, depending on your perspective.

    The unintentional hilarity isn't necessarily a criticism of the film's competence as a horror film in its own right; it delivers exactly what it offers with few surprises, and is well worth watching with a friend or friends if you have plenty of refreshments and nothing else to do.

    As for the last film I saw on DVD, that'd be Office Space. Set in a software development company in the 90s, this comedy takes a very satirical look at employment in general. There are no major comedic set pieces or routines; most of the routines are centred around the monotony and meaninglessness of office work.

    The film is hilarious and should be mandatory watching, and is in fact something of a cult classic. The characters and the dialogue are fantastic, and I found the sheer apathy and disinterest of the lead character really resonated with me personally.

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    The last movie I saw was:

    BRAINSCAN (1994)

    Synopsis: Michael Bower (Edward Furlong), a high school student, with a passion for horror films, finds an advertisement for a newly released video game, titled "Brainscan". The creators say Brainscan "It is the most frightening experience you have ever displeasure of coming into contact with. It interfaces with your sub-conscience, you supply the information, and we take care of the rest." Michael receives the video game disc in the mail, the same day his dream-girl Kimberly (Amy Hargreaves) throws a party across the street. Once he starts to play the game, he will face several challenges that will be the ultimate test of his love for Kimberly and his sanity!

    In most respects I found myself really enjoying the movie. The story-line is inevitably a bit silly. One could draw parallels to the contemporary TV horror shows "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" or "Goosebumps", but the plot has a longer time to evolve and takes itself more seriously. It is also a bit more mature in it's contents.

    Edward Furlong plays his part well, but not as well as in "Terminator 2" that most people will remember him from. The movies "villain", The Trickster stands for some of the movies most enjoyable parts, and is played fantastically by T. Ryder Smith. The other characters are acted relatively good, but nobody shines through especially.

    Visually the film is so, so. Michael's room looks great and gives a good feel to it, but the rest of the scenery is not in any way impressive. The special effect are rather poor even for 1994, but to some that will serve as a good thing in itself. It did for me, but I'm a fan of cheesy 90's effects.

    All in all it's not a movie your likely to find on somebody's top ten, but definitely worth watching if the synopsis intrigues you.

    IMDb score: 5.7/10
    My IMDb score: 6/10

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    Pretty much if you like Kevin Smith's style and can handle sex jokes I think you would like Zack and Miri.

    Anyways I already seen BrainScan and I love that movie.. for what it tries to be anyways. I think the main reason why anyone likes it is due to the parts with Edward Furlong and the trickster (T Rider Smith I think) talking to each other.

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    The Happening

    It's a Shyamalan movie all right. When I saw the prviews on TV, I thought I was going to see a horror/suspense movie. Turns out it's a comedy.

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