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Thread: What diaper or pull up do you like best?

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    Default What diaper or pull up do you like best?

    What diaper or pull up do you like best? Do you buy in stores? or order online?

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    Abena M4s, ordered online. I've done it numerous times but I still view store buying as too nerve-wracking.

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    I buy online, as I hate buying in store, but I fluctuate between 'favorites', which lately have been either Bambino Teddies or Abena M4s.

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    I buy online (except for what the NHS provides free for me). My absolute favourite is Abena M4s but I can't afford them on a regular basis. I also like Euron super-plus and Tena Flex maxi.

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    I buy online. Dry24/7's and Attends Waistband Style.

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    I very much like both cloth and disposable diapers ,I most of the time wear a cloth diaper with an attends diaper on over the cloth

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    Abena XPlus, I tried Secure(or Total dry) XPlus, but the landing zone fit me funny due to being somewhat fat.

    I also regularly purchase Attends with Waistband for something cheap to wear around. I buy them both online, the first at XP Medical, and the second at

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    Leakmaster all in one cloth diaper with 2 toddler prefold cloth inside for all nighters

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