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Thread: Sadness and Depression, Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers

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    Default Sadness and Depression, Adult Babies / Diaper Lovers

    This video is directed at Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers.

    The goal is to help explain and understand the sadness and depression cycles you may experience from the desires that people like us have.

    Just for fun... I have hidden several movie quotes in this video!!!

    Reply if you get one!

    - Also, In the background, The actual sign for Electronics Boutique for the Sales Audit Department where I used to work before they were bought out by Gamestop.
    When EB Games had a home office in West Chester, PA.

    Yes, I used to work there.
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    Thanks for the share. I will watch it at home.

    I saw it. It's very impressive, and informative. Yes, anyone can find someone who can accept your ABDL. My wife did. She deosn't participate except maybe a small amount of time, but it is always enough for me.
    We will have been married 7 years in April.
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    Another fantastic video! You really do a wonderful job with these. You are a great level headed face for the community.

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    ..your words travelled all over the sea and landed exactly on the right spot and in the right time (late afternoon in a small town in the Northern Europe). Thank you so much for this!


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    It doesn't get more real than talking about issues that we may have when I am going through them myself.

    I know how it feels to be alone, to have desires and to be a little kid without a parent. My wife will never truly understand and is unwilling to give me what I need.

    (In my defense I DID tell her about the diapers before we were married.)

    Life is a complicated thing filled with less than perfect situations and I just want to try to help as many people as possible learn to fully accept themselves and make sure that they are making the right choices in they're lives. Me and my wife are currently working on our situation which may involve meeting other Littles/caregivers so I can fill this need.

    If you are feeling down, cheer up and think positive. Don't hide who you are, it's not healthy and it will only cause problems down the road.....



    “A true man is not afraid to show himself, his inner self. He relies on who he is rather than what he is.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post

    I know how it feels to be alone, to have desires and to be a little kid without a parent. My wife will never truly understand and is unwilling to give me what I need.

    Me and my wife are currently working on our situation which may involve meeting other Littles/caregivers so I can fill this need”
    Is your wife unwilling, or just unsure? I'm thinking, given your later comment, that she does want you to be happy but maybe doesn't know how, or feels awkward about it. I definately have empathy for your situation. There is nothing worse than needing to have your little self acknowledged appropriately by someone imporant to you, and not having that need properly met, It sure can feel lonely which is completely the opposite of what a little needs, as you point out in your vid. I am always amazed at how powerful the right kind of touch from a loving SO can be when in a regressed state...if it's not there, the whole eperience, diapered or not, can leave you feeling really flat

    Good luck with your wife, I hope she really finds and embraces 'little you' one day. (Oh, and I'm workin on my own situation's still got a long ways to go)

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    my wife does not know that I like wearing diapers and being a baby, she and all of the other people that I know think that I have a medical need for wearing the diapers and so long before I knew about AB,DL, LK, LB, I told every one that I met that I had a medical problem and needed to wear the diapers cuz I thought that was the only way that I could get away with wearing the diapers, but now that I know about the diaper comunity I want to tell every one the truth but I am just not sure how that would work out, and I really like the little side of me and as much as I would like every one to know about it ,I also do not want to loss my wife and the friends that I have in real life, so all I have are the time that I can chat with you guys here online, I am in a bad situation of my own making, Oh what a wicked webb I have woven, I wish that I could see some light at the end of the tunnel

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles.
    It does sound like the lie is getting to you after all these years.
    Although in your defense the lie was in my opinion necessary to save yourself from persecution and social suicide, by revealing the truth.
    If your need was so great, perhaps you were psychologically dependent on diapers to truly be happy and yourself, so in that case can at a stretch say it is a medical need.
    I don't believe you have done anything wrong, so forgive yourself.

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    Well, at some point I will explain the whole story in detail, probably in video form. But the jist of it is that I have been married for over 5 years and with my wife for over 5 years. Due to family and friends and how my diaper/ab side was shunned I suppressed this desire for many, MANY years. It all came to a boiling point in which I finally realized that was I was repressing was wrong.

    My wife does not understand and is not willing to participate in my little side in any way. We DO however have a strong relationship in which we talk about things.

    She understands that it is a need even though she doesn't understand it. I also explained to her how important it is for me to be able to express myself, help others, and meet others like me.

    We've come to an agreement between us and although it is not a perfect situation it is going to help me get what I need. Which essentially entails an agreement that I can meet others etc.

    (A admit again that it sucks and is a complicated situation, but we love each other and will work it out.)

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    Hello BabyMitchy.
    Thank you for your videos. They help me a lot. When I told my wife I wear diapers I brought her into my baby room and showed her the understanding video. It is right on the money.

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