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    My wife asked me what I thought of this blogpost on women about women wearing children's clothing and I thought I would share it with the board.

    My Friends Are Having Babies And I Dress Like A Giant Six Year Old | xoJane

    A few things stuck out, especially when reading through the comments section.

    A lot of the women say things similar to what I read on this board. It makes me wonder about the issue of public acceptance. Why is it so much more difficult for men to publicly express their little side?

    Second, it's interesting to see how several of the commentators make the point that dressing as a child helps them unwind from the stress and expectations of their jobs. That is something I read here as well.


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    Definitely parallels. It may well be that what we use to define our community is more restrictive than what really exists out there. Just like the variations in diaper interest, some don't even use them and others do. Perhaps there are many who have a little side yet have no interest in diapers or just have not discovered that part of the interest.

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