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Thread: I need some ideas.

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    Question I need some ideas.

    Alright.. So me and my girlfriend have to skype to see each other. She lives in Australia and is immigrating here(US) next year.

    She absolutely loves this side of me, and I often just hang out with her on skype in a diaper.

    She often wants me to do some cute stuff for her, but doesn't know what she wants me to do.

    Maybe you guys can throw out a few suggestions for her?

    I'd appreciate it


    (On a side note, I got accepted to the College I wanted to go to today !!)

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    Cute stuff? Sounds like she wants you to play, act more like a baby or just a little juvenile. If you have toys you might play with them. If you have a plushie you might cuddle him. If you have a pacifier or a bottle you might use it.

    It really comes down to what she knows of your interests and what her interpretation is. You might have to ask her if she as anything specific in mind. This sort of communication will be very beneficial in creating understanding and creating a good strong relationship. So if you told her about your diapers and you are a DL, but she associates it with baby and wants to see baby stuff you will need to rely on her telling you this. Assuming this is the case it is a great opportunity to explore your AB side, or AB to see if you have any interest.

    How you dress might also be a place that you can explore. You obviously wear diapers while on Skype, but what about a onesie, a sleeper, cute sorts that expose the diaper a little, etc.

    Hopefully thus helps a little.

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    Well oh what's more cute than baby talk or a skype baby game or a bath or even a diaper change but if you both are willing to take it to that level but I don't recomend the bath unless you can keep the the electronic device you are useing far away from the water so as not to electricute your self. Well just my sugestion.

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