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    Indoctrination of Children

    This is something I have thought about a few times before and a few recent threads on adisc and behaviour of posters on various threads have made me question how much of an effect parents do have on a persons adults personality of world views and whether or not this is an issue.

    It seems to be a delicate and fine balance between the rights of a parents and that of a child, its possible for these rights to cross purposes at times too often i think without steps being taken to interfere. Mostly because people are unsure as to whether is it right to interfere or not ? Often people don't consider it ,or at least thats how the first world legislates. So unless there is clear physical or mental child abuse, the latter being hard to identify. We as outsiders don't step in either on a personal or societal level.

    However is this a good thing or beneficial for us as a society ? To a degree I admit I feel strongly about this due my personal stance morals and ethics, but while I state that i feel strongly but very conflicted. I am unsure of how to gauge these things in an even close to objective manner due to the lack of ability to gather even semi unbiased data.

    I suppose a good thing to start with is Abdlism and how if we become parents how should we balance that with having children. Currently calico has a thread going on it . Also on another site I saw a poll on it most people like on adisc were against it practising it around children but there was a minority that did not have an issue. For example quote from discussion on another site.

    “I am a Daddy in both the AB/DL scene and in Real life. 4 kids all Pre-baby furs. The kids being exposed to the Love and caring nature of the AB/DL world and Furry world has made them more open and more caring individuals.”

    My basic point is regardless of how right or wrong on a personal or societal level that may be, as long as he avoids technically breaking child abuse laws, well theres no legal right to stop such a person. Legal points aside while I agree we are able to criticize and logically attack his position there is little else we can do, though his kids might end up being perfectly happy or whatever. What right does he have to indoctrinate and in a way casually force a dependency of a fetish/lifestyle community on another being?

    Moving on to less clear issues and more controversial ones such as politics and religion. This is something I have and am becoming more aware as I have more experiences in these types of discussions. I will start with politics, people seem on and off of adisc I have especially seen this from americans, possibly just because they are more common and passionate about their politics all over the internet. But there seems to be such an indoctrination there often from a very young age partially due to media but more often due to family and directly parents imparting their views and ideas directly onto their children. Due to how the brain is formed we accept what parental authority figures in our life say at a young age its a survival trait that can be linked to current evolutionary models.

    But I have notice its led to a direct rejection of other views and legitimate information sources, based on their views being so strongly indoctrinated. Theres so much complaints about the political stances of various news outlets often leading to people using unreliable sources aka Alex Jones or the Huffington Post both of which have been proven to be wrong on occasions.
    Though at the same time you should immediately reject something like those sources unless you have a good verifiable reason not to.

    The real point is though how much of a problem is the indoctrinated black and white view causing in many countries, some great example being america aka people wanting to secede or rise up against the govt. To when and why did we reach this level of silliness I feel its directly harmful to the progression of society. Yet its something thats considered non issue by many people and fine or a non issue by societal as a whole at least to the level it tolerates it or the way you will at times see people bash on about parents rights.

    My next real concern and other type of indoctrination i most commonly notice is that of religious origin(note I am not trying to start a debate of the existence of god guys so just staph if you are going to even try). It seems people are being pushed into this quite clearly and quite dramatically with some faiths at a very young age too often negative affect later in life.

    What I really mean is by pushing these things on children all that is really being done is making beliefs purely based on geographical birth location which is silly and often harmful. A child born at least in any first world nation should at a reasonable age,which I would postulate as to when they start asking about it, be gradually supplied with information that there are different options available and so many different beliefs and what the evidence is behind and pertaining to those beliefs. It would be easy to present the basic information and then let a person come to make the own decision and study what beliefs they choose to rather than pushing a person set of them down a child's throat. Even myself as an atheist will teach a child if I had one to choose for itself, on something that will be such a core part of their life i don't see how i have a right to warp their mind to any set of opinions even my own.

    It also results in some serious horrible actions like the fundamentalism we see today, the fact that circumcision is considered to be a choice of the parents. It leads to closed minds and people not properly trained to think. Its creating a toxic society to grow up in at least I feel so and its being done for no real reason other than its what their parents did to them.

    While i might present these views and parents as being evil I don't fully think that I understand most people are very reasonable and I am honestly quite conflicted on some of the points I made, but i introduced them for sake of discussion. Its something i have been thinking a lot about lately I apologize the wall of texts there many other specific topics i never touched on I just hit 3 majors ones I can feel people relate to please share your own views and thoughts.

    p.s. I also posted this in hope of generating a better thread than 1776 which im sure more users than just me are sick to death of x3

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    To me, and this is just what I have seen, parents tend to pass their views on to their children and I feel it happens even if it isn't intended. At the same time there are people who grew up devoutly religious and have moved away from it, and even in politics it does seem to happen. So it seems that while. my opinion, most have some level of "indoctrinations" from parents and family, it is possible to break away from it and end up having different opinions than your parents/family. For the how, I don't really have an idea. Well I kind of do, but for sake of avoiding possible pointless arguing, rather go with not having an idea.

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    You can't expect a child to grow up in a home and not absorb many of the traditions, beliefs, and feelings they observe, whether the parents realize the child is observing it or not. Many parents believe that they need to teach their children to think and believe the same things they do, as those are the 'correct' thoughts and beliefs and should be passed down. I'm not saying that what they believe is true, just that the parents feel that it is. My parents were pretty awesome in the fact that they encouraged free thinking and analysis of things, but then again, they're free thinkers and analyzers themselves, so perhaps they just again passed down their own beliefs about thinking.

    What it sounds like you want to happen is a change in society, but the only way to change society is to educate society, and it takes a long, long time to do that. I do see a trend in the younger generations to not as easily accept all the things they've been taught as absolute truth, and so you find a lot more of these people being more accepting of other people's beliefs and lifestyles and overall differences. But I think that's true of every generation as well, and it's just the social situations that change. What, in 20 years, will be the thing that we're all adamant against, whether or not we should be, that our children and the kids being born today will have no issues with accepting?

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    I think while parents do tend to pass their beliefs onto their child, the child gets to an age where they start to form their own opinions and views and realize their parents are not always right. Like you can grow up believing gay marriage is wrong and then realize there is nothing wrong with it and it's just an opinion people have. Mom had me believing for years that no one would want to marry me if I wore diapers and that I would lose bladder control. I thought what if I did it behind their back and kept it hidden and it was something I did once in a while? I was 17 when I found out what she said was a load of crap because if incontinent people can get married and still live normal lives, same as people with diaper fetishes, so can I. I found out AB/DLs were just normal people. They still have normal interests, friends, jobs, relationships. Either my mom was lying to me or was just ignorant. I also stopped believing this was all wrong and sick and twisted.

    I think as an adult, your parents will still impose their beliefs onto you like they may still try and correct your parenting and have you do it their way which seems common.

    My mother grew up Catholic and she didn't really like it and she didn't always like everything her parents did. My mom quit being a Catholic when she moved out.

    I think all parents impose their beliefs on their child, like how many of us will be teaching our kids bullying is wrong, teaching them acceptance? Isn't that imposing it onto them?

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    One of the most important things I think a parent does is pass on a value system to their children. Mind you, it doesn't always stick (and sometimes that's a good thing), but it always leaves an impact. This is one of the reasons that I think it's important for educated, rational individuals to have families. The more children with that privilege, the better off society will be.

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    Merriam Webster defines indoctrination as:
    to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments
    break this down to its more basic form: doctrine which Merriam Webster defines as:
    something that is taught
    Children aren't born with the ability to speak, read, write, do math. We take all these things a basics for living in a modern society. Yet all these things need to be learned. An American child will likely be taught to speak English. An Asian child will be taught to speak their native language. The two are different. Is one more correct than the other? Yet both children, I hope, would be taught some sort of moral code to live by. It is this moral code that transcends culture lines and should be the basis upon which a good life can be built upon. This is my basic view if indoctrination.

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    It is a simple fact that children learn from parents, even when the parents make no particular attempt to teach there children. So, as Cherub points out, this is basically the equivalent as indoctrination.

    You may be thinking of indoctrination as having some sort of nefarious purpose, and I would suspect many others would agree. However, this is only a small part of the story.

    Good parents that are well educated or somehow inspired in the art of raising children might inspire and empower them, and foster great individuality. Sadly, however, most parents do not seem to exhibit these skills and often resort to a pattern that was established well before they were born.

    Many parents know what they want there children to do and they can often be heard giving instructions, correcting them or whatever. Yet the children will most often learn by example.

    Obviously characteristics such as politics, religion, hobbies and other interests are often tied to the parent. However a good parent will raise there children to be independent, to make good choices, to choose for themselves, to have integrity and character, and to have other attributes that empower and enable them to succeed as they venture into the world.

    I do not believe it is proper to raise a child to be an AB/DL, to be gay, to be a thief, etc,. However I do believe it is proper to raise children that are open minded, accepting of others, tolerant, etc.

    Most of all for me it is a matter of empowering and allowing my children to choose there own way.

    When my son was about 6 and had done something bad, according to my 5 years old daughter, my daughter asked why I wasn't mad at her brother. It was at this point that I told my son I was not mad, that he is the one that must live with the choices he makes in life. My children do not live for me, they live to make there own way.

    You bring up the question of breaking child abuse laws, and this is a very interesting consideration. If parents were to openly practice an AB/DL/caregiver relationship in front of the children it is unlikely the parents would be considered in violation of such laws. However, the development of a child in relationship to the parents behavior might attract the attention of educators, who will sometimes overreact and report the case to authorities. What results is an investigation, possible action and a mess for the entire family.

    Rather than assume something is not against the law, thus acceptable to teach my kid, wouldn't it be better to teach them the best that we can?

    You also bring up the point of religion, and more specificly pushing children into a specific religion. I love that you bring this up because your assertion that pushing a child could have a negative affect later in life. There is no question that pushing a child in any area, especially religion, can easily have unintended consequences. So I go back to empowering choice as the position a parent should take. Parents should stand as an example to there children, they should provide information and opportunity, and they should empower choice. This holds true for religion and any other aspect of life.

    One of my favorite authors, Jeff Olsen, wrote the book The Slight Edge which has some very interesting insight into how we affect our children. It is not uncommon for a parent to tell a child no or that they cant do something. Over time and literally tens of thousands of times we are literally teaching our children that they can't do whatever. I was not aware of this book when my kids were little but we made a concerted effort to avoid using the word no. This ended up being very powerful because I never had the automatic NO from either of them.

    My hope in avoiding NO was to remove the emotion from the word, so there would be no battle between parent and child, and to also start both of them on the path to empowerment. Teaching a child that they can't do something is also just as bad, so this is one of the other areas I focused on.

    In the end it is my hope, for my children, that I will have empowered them to make good choices while also hardening them against the perils of the world. If they have the tools they need they can achieve anything they wish to achieve.

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