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    Default Hello from the Northwest

    Glad i found this place! Looking forward to making some new friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by DucatiKid View Post
    Glad i found this place! Looking forward to making some new friends
    Hey there Ducati Kid!

    I'm very happy to see you are excited you have found aDISC, looks like you have been reasonably active around here, this is wonderful!

    ADISC is a great place to make friends, but you should make your intro to share more interests about who you are

    I'm a computer science student attending university in far too many courses this semester (21 credits!)! I should be graduating this year though!

    I hope to see you around the site, and I hope to learn more about you soon!

    - Lobie

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    Quote Originally Posted by DucatiKid View Post
    Glad i found this place! Looking forward to making some new friends
    hey welcome tell us more bout your self. i see you like ducati's whats your fav bike they make mine is a tie between the 1000 monster and the 1198R,

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    I love them all lol but i'm pretty partial to the naked bikes! I have a Streetfighter at the moment I love motorsports! Motorcycles (sportbikes, TT, Flat track, Speedway, MX, SX, FMX. MotoGP is my fav) F1, Touring cars, Baja/desert, even Nascar although i wished they turned right more Normal sports too, Basketball(Blazers), Baseball(SF), football(SF). Love the outdoors. Console video games (ps3,xbox,etc). A bit more about me and how i ended up here like everyone else....
    I never knew my father, he left before i was born. My real Mom commited suicide when i was 5. I honestly cant remember her aside from pictures, i was too young to remember i think(im in my 30's now).My Grandparents (moms side) adopted me after. Grandpa died 5 months later. Grandmother had to work so i was alone a lot. I had EVERY toy i ever wanted! GiJoe, StarWars, Transformers, Nintendo, i could go on for quite awhile. I had these baby feelings as long as i can remember, I would just sit and watch family members being taken care off. I would steal the baby diapers lol. This went on and off till about middle school and i would dabble maybe once ever couple years. About 5 years ago it came back with a fury lol. Life was stressfull and i started wearing again, maybe once a month. This last Summer i lost a really close friend, and the on Christmas Eve another... I was really depressed so i finally went to see a therapist. I held nothing back to her, AB side and all. She told me im not the only one, etc... But what kinda suprised me was she told me to go for it if it brings me comfort. She also recommended that i only get little on the weekends to help balance myself. Since the first talk with Her in January i have had the confidence in myself to tell my best friend and his Fiance, they were totally awesome and 100% supportive, they did some reasearch online and say its me 100% lol. I also told my Mom(Grandma) and my Aunt im really close to, again 100% supportive. We all read lots of good info on here(and i cant think whoever started this kind of site enough, thank you). What really blew them away was how many of you have similar childhoods to mine. They talked to my therapist and worked on a small program with my baby book(i never looked at it, was always too painfull) and they came over and let me totally regress back to 3ish. Once a month they are going to come over and let me regress and go through my baby book with me. We have only done this once and i made it 2 pages before i became too upset. That whole week after i was flooded with unlocked memmories from my childhood, anywhere from 5 to 12. They both said it was amazing for them too, brought them back memories of my mom, and my grandmother she said it brought back memories of all 5 of her kids, life back then, her childhood. The smile on her face as she talked about her life is something i'll never forget. As tough as life has been, i cant think God enough for the way my life is feeling now. Truely blessed. Now if i could only find that infamous AB girlfriend lol.

    PS. I did post a thread a couple weeks back about the experience with my mom. I had a bit of a temper tantrem over something somebody said (wastnt bad lol) and I deleted it. Im sorry about that.
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