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Thread: The worst day of my LIFE EVER

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    Angry The worst day of my LIFE EVER

    Well today has been the worst day in my life.

    All was fine till about 4 pm. As I get of the bus one of my four dog come running to me. I found this odd because they arent to be out and I was sure I got the door closed before I left for school. As I make my way to the front door, I found that it was wide open. So my frist reaction was to grab the shotgun behind the door. I found no one in the house, but we were robed. Then I find that we have a dog missing. She is missing still and its 7pm. We think they either took or killed her. As I went around the back of the house I found that someone had killed two of our turkeys and a chicken. They also tryed to break into the deer pin (yes we raise deer).

    So in one day we were:

    Lost our friend
    Had animals killed

    My mom is so torn up. She has had that dog for 12 years. She thinks she is dead only because the person that broke in killed the turkeys.

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    I am really sorry to hear, but I really do not think the robbers would just randomly kill a dog. And if they didn't touch the other dog, my opinion is that the dog maybe ran out? Have you checked around your neighborhood?

    I am really really sorry to hear about your loses. And I hope you find your dog, and the people responsible.


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    Thats thing she does not stray far from home when she gets out never has

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    ...Why are you typing this on an Internet forum instead of going out to look for your dog, print an ad or something like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    ...Why are you typing this on an Internet forum instead of going out to look for your dog, print an ad or something like that?
    Just to let you know I just came in from looking for my dog. Ive been out there since 4pm and know my dads lookin. I have even made flyer and posted them around town

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    Aww I'm sorry, buddy! *huggles*

    Maybe someone will see the flyers and recognize the dog that's been wondering around their neighborhood all afternoon. I hope they catch the person(s) that did this! I trust that you have informed the police. They will do everything they can to find the culprit(s)!!

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    I have some good news. My dog was found. We got the idea to use one of our other dogs to find her. We let the other dog sniff the missing dogs jacket and then me and my dad followed her two a house down the street. At that house the guy found Gidget (miss dog) romeing th steet and took her in and feed her. I was so happy when she was found.

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    I glad you found your dog, I hope the cops find the B*****d that robbed you.

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    My best wishes and prayers go out to you and your household. Getting robbed sucks, I hope some type of evidence was left behind.

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    I'm really happy that you found your dog. And I think it is super sweet that you raise deer (I just do.) I don't have any idea how painful this must all be for you, but I hope you feel better soon!

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