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Thread: Any military folk out here?

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    Default Any military folk out here?

    Besides not beig able to enjoy my fetish, I am enjoying military life. Well, for the most part. :/ But yeah, it's mostly good. Anybody else out here? I'm a Sailor, and surprisingly a lot of people openly express their fetishes out here.

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    Ya Im a Marine. Military life gets easier after the first few years. Just dont let a fetish control your life.

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    It doesn't. I've actually ignored it almost completely since I've been in. But yeah, I do enjoy it. It's hot as all hell down in Pensacola. -_-

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    I am retired military having spent 6 years in the Marines and 14 in the Army. The desire as I call it never goes away you just have to know when you can safely do it. As a young Marine and even Soldier I would take off for a weekend and spend it in a hotel away from the base and enjoy the time wearing diapers. When the next duty day rolled around and I was back to normal and ready to be a big boy again. As my career progressed and got promoted I was able to have a room to myself and then began to sneak the diapers in the barracks and my living quarters. But once I retired all bets were off and I have not turned back the chance to wear diapers when I can. I now work full time and can't wear them at work but in my free time I do!!!! Good luck with your time in the military and make the best of it and most of all thank you for proudly serving our country!!!!!

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    20 years...dude...that is incredible. Just crazy. I really want to do 20 years and if I don't go Navy, I'm going Army or Marines next. The Marines have an exact copy of my current rate so I would know the job well, however I heard no matter what you are that you just get E-2 when you go Marines after enlisting in any other branch besides theirs.

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    I was a candidate for Annapolis until I found out that ADHD, then, was grounds to fail the DODMERB. Threw out a lifelong dream and replanned for a civilian career.

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    Just finished my time in the Israeli Army. It was only a year and a half but it was tough, every time a came home i was in diapers. By the way, a big thank you to everybody in the USAF, you guys are my heros!

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    Army, E-6, 6 years now. I've been married the whole time, so no worries about barracks or anything like that. But home life is a different story.

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    Default Any military folk out here?

    Got out of the army a year ago, did 2 tours to Iraq, the first one became really relaxed and they quit checking everything we got in the mail, I ordered 2 bags of bambinos, and the customs note read "sanitary napkins". The edge was huge to get them! When I was in garrison, I always lived off post, with roommates, but I made sure my roommates were people that wernt real social or nosey. Made it through 4 and a half years.

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    fast attack boat back in the 70's
    great time to be on the boats. lots of stuff going on (thrilling when i wasn't getting bored to death).... i was exposed to a lot of things that i never would have seen at home. living with, and understanding men was a big one. beginning to understand i was gay was yet another.... from there to changing ones sex became, shall we say, an obvious new step.....
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