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Thread: Farewell Family... Good Riddance!

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    Unhappy Farewell Family... Good Riddance!

    A bit of background info me be good context here..... Six years ago my mother (she's not worth me calling her "Mom") Put me in a group home and gave up full custody. --Skip forward six years-- My mother finally decided for my 18th birthday, she would "let" me rent to live with her. (I lived on her living room floor...Ya...) A month later I was feeling really depressed and started to sleep alot. She then told me that she didn't know/care what was wrong but I had better either fix it or pretend I did, because she was tired of me sleeping all day and that I couldn't "hog" the floor I was renting. So for the next few days we didn't say much and what we did was nasty... Finally she had enough and told me to get out and if I tried to come back she would call the police and lie about me threatening her life. So I am currently living with my best friend and she is telling everyone that I'm dangerous and violent. I proceeded to ask for all my things and she said she couldn't find ANY of my things! So all I have is my tv, my laptop, two outfits and my blanket (I took those things with me when I left). The last few minutes I was "home" my mom and sister had spent it seriously insulting me (my mental health problems, and being developmentally delayed). So you know what... I simply say farewell my sad, pathetic family. I hardly knew 'ye. GOOD RIDDANCE! Sorry I simply needed to vent

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    That's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. I am glad though that you have a good friend to take you in. Do you know what you will do in the medium term?

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    I can understand why you left however you do need to thinking about where you can stay that is safe, getting access to any monies (wages/welfare payments etc) and preparing yourself food.

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    Often times I forget I take for granted my good home life and healthy relationship with my parents and extended family when I hear stories like this.

    I salute thee good sir on your "GOOD RIDDANCE" attitude and adapting as best you can in a crappy situation. I'm sorry for your situation. Make sure to ask for help from those willing to give it you so you can remain stable. The situation can flip-flop back and forward very quickly.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Nothing fails like family. I totally understand. I had to start working when I was 14 because my dad couldn't be bothered to do grocery shopping (he fed himself, of course). Mom was a useless drunk. Dad always had some girlfriend ten years younger than him. Dad was sexually and verbally abusive.

    Mom is dead. I haven't talked to my dad since 1995.

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    Thank ou all for your support. It really helps me get through it knowing that there are people who care. As for the medium term; I'm going to have to get a job and find an apartment until things get worked out. However I will not be going "home" again. Again thanks for your support! You guys (and girls :P) are the best family I have

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    If you call the police you might be able to get your stuff back [if it's worth it]. I had some family rivalry stuff happen a few years ago when my family rented a house with my aunt and uncle.

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    If you live in the USA and paying Rent. You can fight to get the money back. That a idea. You can also use it to get your stuff back. I think I watch to much Judge Judy lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
    If you live in the USA and paying Rent.
    Wouldn't that only apply if there was a written and signed contract? I can't imagine that would be possible if it was just a spoken agreement.

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