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Thread: Bambinos out of stock

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    Default Bambinos out of stock

    Any one now why Bambino is out of stock on several of several diapers I was getting ready to place a order and now they are out of the belisimo blanco and the variety case in large.

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    Obviously, there is a greater interest in the Bambino diapers from the AB/DL community and sometimes the demand is greater than the supply. You just have to get lucky ... just keep checking back every week and sometimes you will get an update on the resupply. They are working on pre-orders for their sissy/girly-girl diapers so that is taking up most of their time now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooster View Post
    They are working on pre-orders for their sissy/girly-girl diapers so that is taking up most of their time now.
    That's ABU, not Bambino

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    This usually happens after Christmas time, it seems they make a killing during the holidays. One year, they were out of almost everything.

    I think the company is being safe and they don't want to overstock on items and not have room. Keep in mind that they also sell non abdl items to other folks. I'm not sure of the percentage of sales we bring them. They also have to worry about the economy, since to most of us, this is a luxury, and when times are hard, luxuries are usually the first to be dropped out of our budgets. Then they'll have a bill to pay without the sales to cover the production/website/ect costs.

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    It really seems like demand for AB/DL diapers is pretty strong and may even peak around Christmas time. ABU is going through the same thing, although they seem to be out of various diapers on a pretty regular basis.

    Either they are not ordering in huge quantities or the demand really is strong. Personally I see evidence that the demand is very strong, although it would be very interesting to know for sure.

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    Lucky for me I already have some :P. My next order will be Bambino Bellissimo and the inserts lol.

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    Thank jeebus I had no problem with my order. Ordered it on Friday. Got Classicos, but either way. Been waiting to order them for a while and I'd be bummed if I got caught up in a shortage..

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    It's most likely a cash flow and supply chain issue. Any age play based business will have difficulties in obtaining traditional financing, so they're stuck with relying on sales revenue to place new orders from their manufacturers. So if their cost for a container of diapers is say $25k, and they make $35k from the sales, they'll have to sell over 70% of their inventory before they can make a new order, and that's before they pay overhead, salaries, etc...

    Now imagine what the delay is from the time that an order is placed with their manufacturer and the time that they actually receive the goods. There are a lot of steps involved in the logistics chain:
    They order from their supplier(in China, most likely) ->
    Their supplier orders the raw materials ->
    The supplier has to wait for raw materials to be delivered ->
    The order is manufactured and packaged ->
    The container is driven to a port ->
    The container sits around for a week or more before being loaded on a ship ->
    The ship sails across the Pacific ->
    The container arrives in the US ->
    The container clears Customs and is delivered to the warehouse

    And bear in mind that there can be a delay at any stage of this process. Hell, it's pretty common for containers to be lost at sea, so there's even a risk that the entire shipment is lost and they have to wait for insurance to reimburse them and start the whole process over again. But the whole process from order to delivery can take them 2-3 months very easily, and that's if everything goes right.

    What this means is that if they sell out 70% of their inventory in one month, then they can reorder another shipment of the same size, but they might be stuck for 2-3 months with less than half the amount of goods that they just sold during a one-month period. Businesses with limited operating capital run into this issue, and can normally obtain short-term loans to cover cash flow shortages due to issues like this, but an age play business won't be able to get many of those loans.

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