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Thread: Assurance Boxer Style pull ons

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    Unhappy Assurance Boxer Style pull ons

    I saw some boxer type pullons for adults at Walmart a few weeks ago, and I have to say, I'm very displeased with their quality. I'd say that they pretty much took the absorbent part of the pull-ons, and just inserted it into very cheaply made boxer style cloth. I'm glad I only purchased a single trial pant, not a whole pack. The company pretty much made the same mistakes that Goodnites made when they made a similar product a few years ago. I would have to rate this product -3 diaper-pins out of 5 diaper-pins
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    When I tried them because I was curious, as soon as I sat down the inseam blew out. they just turned into a skirt with a pad in the middle. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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