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Thread: SO many weird and sick people in this world.

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    Default SO many weird and sick people in this world.

    In my state of Maryland recently this guy admitted to throwing his 3 year off a bridge. I am sorry but what a sick person. He had just got out of a coma (which he caused by drinking a house cleaner) when he admitted to this. A few weeks before that this guy killed his mother 2 brothers and his dad. And this is all in one state. I wonder how many people are this sick and crazy in this world i just want to know everyones opinion on what these two people did. Oh and these people are not related n any way.

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    There are some parts of this world that affect the frayed enough to unweave them the rest of the way.

    I believe that humans -- for they are as much animals as are lions, cats, and dogs -- also have the ability, whether induced naturally or through external means, to go "feral". Unfortunately, with this remarkable intelligence that we've been granted (through a greater power or simple science), there is a greater capacity for deterioration, too. It's the same idea behind, "the higher you are, the harder you fall".

    Animals commit no crimes, for their "lack" of intelligence (and I say that because I don't think they aren't intelligent, I just think that they express it in different ways) keeps them within instinctual standards. As a human race, we've reached so far away from our instinctual roots that when -- even in such horrific ways as this -- they come back to us, we answer wrongly. We do horrible things.

    I don't truly believe that people of this sort can be rehabilitated, unfortunately. Attempts can be made, but when you've gone to this measure, there's scarcely any turning back.

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    I could tell you the same about my country, when on the news it's not so uncommon to see people that murder their neighbors/family/etc... some years ago there was the case of a girl that with her boyfriend murdered her little brother, or there's a case (still open) of a mother who's suspected of having murdered her baby.

    What's worse, in the meantime all through the world there's a significant amount of armed conflicts going on, with the consequent bloodshed, and that's not any less terrible than a single person murdering another... or, to be correct, that's even WORSE if you think conflicts are not a passional murder committed on the rage of the moment, but an accurately planned strategy of death (although, for how surprising it can be, thousands of victims in a country thousands of miles far away seem always to be less terrible than the guy next door murdering his son... I've honestly given up trying to understand that).

    My grandma always says it's a different world from the one she was raised into... my opinion is that what's different now is that we have mass communication means. In every society, in every historical time, there have been such kind of people (in the past maybe even more). The only difference is that now everyone KNOWS about what happens (TV news programs and newspapers have their business over making a show on everything that happens, the bloodier the better).

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    God I love you Quattrus, you said nearly everything that straight away popped into my head. The media makes the world scary and Africa is worse then anything you'll ever see on the news. Over 1600 people dying everyday as a result of conflict (starvation caused by conflict) every day. And that's only in the Congo. Don't ever start on the rest of them.

    But that man throwing his 3 yr old off the bridge... Hate hearing stuff like that. But someone has to be mentally ill or just deserve death to do something like that. Here's a puzzle, a good family man who dearly loves his children, takes them to sports, goes to their school productions and plays with them after work for an hour or so gets a divorce. Over the next few weeks he changes and then you see on the news "Man murders his children."
    This you see at least once every 2 years or so. A seemingly good man suddenly kills his children and himself. Why? It's usually that when his wife divorces him, which devastates them first and they usually don't see coming, and then they go to court, they lose everything they love in the world and they go temporarily insane.
    So to the idea that these people can't be rehabilitated, yes I think it's possible if it's not just someone who has been that way all their life but it's a temporary insanity.

    The world can be crap sometimes and watching the real news, (not commercial crap) always makes me angry and sad.. without fail.
    Commercial news is just good comedy.

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    There certainly are a lot of people out on the streets who really need some degree of mental help. The sad part is when they actually are displaying warning signs that something isn't right in their mind, yet no one around the person cares enough to pick up on it or read the signs. Now, there's yet another campus massacre out in Illinois with several students killed and the shooter commiting suicide afterwards. From what little I've read, he was on some kind of medication but stopped taking it? Then he started acting very irratic? Anyone else hear or read the whole story behind the tragedy? So very sad......


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    It's all very tragic indeed...

    but think of it this way... what if all those people lived? The planet would be overpopulated so fast that we wouldn't know what to do.

    It's a sad thing... but a certain number of people need to die every day to keep things in check.

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    No it wouldn't. The people killed in these shootings and random killings are insignificant compared to people killed accidentally everyday. More children under the age of 5 are killed by every day accidents, such as drowning or falling, then from AIDS and war. More people are killed from cigarettes in Australia then alcohol, illegal drugs, car accidents and murders combined.
    Letting people die wouldn't stop overpopulation. Condoms stop over population.

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    No, condoms won't help if you don't know how to use the damned things, I hear in Africa, some group handed out a whole bunch of condoms to an area, and most of them just used them as a shower cap.

    So education stops overpopulation......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rance View Post
    There are some parts of this world that affect the frayed enough to unweave them the rest of the way.

    I believe that humans -- for they are as much animals as are lions, cats, and dogs
    Actually, we are not like any other animal. All animals go by the same way of life when it comes to their 'own kind' and that is preserving life. We on the other hand openly kill each other...there for we are very unique...and that is what makes us the dominant animal!'s simple!


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    The only reason the world is overpopulated is China's 1.5 billion or so people. No offense to the Chinese.

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