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    Happy New Year Everyone! Great things coming from Bambino Diapers in 2013! This was on their Facebook page. I wonder what new diapers they are making. I wish they make light blue and light pink diapers some day. Anyone have any ideas or wishes.

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    Light blue diapers have been made, although many of then have been hospital grade. I love the very light blue that is used in part if the ABU Super Dry Kids, it is one of those things that make them look like a real baby diaper. If Bambino would do something like that it would be very cool (for both blue and pink).

    I like most if there diapers a lot but they are not as juvenile as ABU's. if they were to create a very juvenile diaper that has a more baby diaper appearance, with the same quality they usually have, I would be very excited.

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    I agree exactly with you guys! When Bambino's first came out, they were more like a real baby waistbands, and higher-rise versus the low cuts they are now. If they made the Bellisimo's with a blue waistband, and made them higher, and heck, maybe a little thicker, too, with a babyish scent like Luvs...they'd be the perfect diaper. I too wish that they made gender-specific diapers like the Luvs of the 80's.

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    I wonder if they're going to do an all over printed diaper with single tapes like the Cuddlz.

    The Cuddlz all over print diapers look like a Fabine with the light pink & blue but have the single tapes like an ABU diaper.

    I know the Bambinos are almost the same as the Cuddlz & I'm hoping that's what they're planning to release. I want to buy the Cuddlz but am sure the shipping would be killer.

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