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    I think the last close calls thread closed and I have had the closest call ever just 3 days ago and one day before I turned 18!

    So my uncle comes home randomly one day with a bed which I think he made and was in very good quality and he asks if I wanted it since my bed is over 30 years old and was broken in a few places including one part of the frame that had completely snapped. Of course the bed was like a big box with 2 draws to store stuff and if you took on of the draws out there would be lots of space to store more stuff which is where I stored my stash which at that time only included one drynite diaper, 2 bottles and a pacifier with some other rubbish there too. My main bottle and pacifier I use is hidden somewhere else.

    Anyway my uncle decides to replace my bed ASAP and asks me to help him so I do. First he takes out one draw and then asks me to take out the second draw which contains my stash behind and I start panicing because he would easily see my stash! I try to think of something to say and in the end I ask if he could leave as I have something inside that I would prefer no one would see yet and I kinda play it off as a project I'm doing. Luckily he takes the bait and leaves and I manage to get in and hide it in a bag which I hid in another place in my room for now.

    So I've gotta find a new hiding place for all my stash but I was able to avert what could have been a disaster

    So what's been all your close calls? Have any of you had any worse than mine? Has a close call ever been turned into you being caught?

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    Oh wow, that was a close call. kinda amusing though to wonder what he thinks you may have been hiding there, hehe. totally good call though....what the hell would you have done if he said "don't worry kid, we've all got a magazine or two stashed under the bed". Welcome back, BTW. As for close calls, reading your re-intro made me think of a close home one day fully getting into my baby side and totally not expecting a knock on the door....well I've never changed out of my baby gear so fast in my life...yeah anyway, it was some guys spreading the good news at the door.

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    Back in the day, the thing to say if he asked would be "my Playboys". Not sure how that would play now that everything's on the internet.

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    magazines?!?? i remember looking at nudie pics on my computer back in the DOS days

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    Sounds like you were very lucky in this case. I think your uncle would have suspected something along the lines of porn as others have said.

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    Yeah, I'm sure he thought it was porn, internet or not.

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    It's hard to say how he would have dealt with it had he seen your stash. He obviously cares about you and that much of a stash could have been easily dismissed.

    I have had lots of close calls over the years, probably hundreds if I were to count them all. For me one of the most memorable happened just after I got married. My wife didn't know a thing and I was very, very careful about my baby stuff back then. We lived in a small apartment at the time and I was still trying to work out when I could use and what my routine would need to be. She had just headed to work and I was in bed still, because I worked a late shift. I waited until I knew she would be at work, pulled a diaper out of my stash and then went back to bed and proceeded to pit it on. I was just laying there with the covers partially off and I heard her come through the door. I probably only had seconds to react, remember small apartment, so in those seconds I ripped the diaper off and managed to get it under the bed. She came in, mentioned she had forgotten something, gave me a kiss then left. I never left the bed because it would have also been awkward to explain why I was now only wearing a t-shirt and no underpants.

    The timing was so lucky because I had just barely wet a little and that diaper was destined to be wet and fully messed.

    I waited for a half hour, called her at work to see if she got here ok, then proceeded to spend some diaper time with a new diaper. I also learned a valuable lesson that I should be absolutely sure before proceeding.

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    Wow you're lucky. If I told a member of my family a draw contained private things they would push me out of the way to get to it.

    BTW congratulation on being the first person I've seen return to ADISC after the purge.

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    Hahahaaaaaaa, this reminds me waaay too much of my most memorable close call.
    I was home alone and had on a Goodnite --must have been like 2 years ago now-- and I laid down in my mom's bed and watched TV for a little. Accidentally fell asleep. Woke up to the door to her room opening and her coming in the room. Got under the covers before she realized what was odd. Probably because the normal human brain doesn't consider diaper wearing an immediate possibility for those out of diaper age, so it didn't register to her. And she acted normal and fine and I calmed myself down and kept my cool and ran upstairs (still diapered) as soon as I shut the light off and poked my head out to make sure she had her back turned. Scaaaaaaathingly close call.

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