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Thread: Guess who's back?

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    Default Guess who's back?

    No it's not Slim Shady, just me, for those who remember. I figured it's been long enough and that I'd poke my head in again.

    I must say this place has grown a lot since I was last poking around here, and it makes me feel old to say that when I left "bronies" pretty much weren't a thing yet. How times change, not that I'm complaining though!

    Anyway, for those who remember: I'm still around places.
    For those who don't remember or know: Hi! Nice to meet ya! :3

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    Hay Spirit and welcome back. It's interesting to see we're all 2008 dates.

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    Default Guess who's back?

    Hey Pup, didn't realise you'd left... But welcome back!


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