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Thread: Diapers and the economy

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    Default Diapers and the economy

    Let's face it, wearing diapers 24/7 isn't cheap. I'm curious if you've changed your wearing as a result of low income and/or increased prices. Do you wear them during part of the day/night, or do you extend your diaper use to one a day?

    For me personally, I will go back and forth between Depends diapers and there underwear. The diapers I will wear one per day, and the underwear I'll try to extend to a couple of days if I haven't had too many leaks.

    I didn't use to have to do this, but times are tough and I can't afford them as much as before. But I still need them with the leakage problems I have.

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    I've be buying at thrift stores. Just this week, I picked up a package of 40 Tena Ultra diapers for $5.90. The thrift store finds, have really cut down my diaper expenses.

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    If you can afford it you can look at cloth. They're a little exspensive up front but will save you in the long term. I've bought a few cloth one's from
    Dependeco and are working well for me. It cut me back at least one diaper a day. I've slso been able to cancel one of my auto orders.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I had to go from Abena to Attends because i have not had a raise in 5 years but everything else has gotten more expensive.

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    used this year's Christmas bonus to buy into cloth, its gonna bump my water bill tho

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    Little Lord Fauntleroy, here, saying that i've cut down on my wearing by being so spoilt for choice that i can hardly ever decide what to wear, and usually end up not.

    but that's also on the back of purposely stocking up on re-useable stuff, when things looked gloomy a few years ago.
    still, i always assure myself that what i need/want, i can make.

    placky pants are pretty easy and cheap to make. and nappies/diapers can be utilized from any material you wish (bog standard towels will do). in fact, my first 'nappy' was a red, towelling hooded top.

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    No my finances are good, I'm not rich by any means but I make enough even after a decade of wage freezes to afford a few indulgences.

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    I have been in cloth long enough that it only effects my laundry bill but at about $10 a month it has not been an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    No my finances are good, I'm not rich by any means but I make enough even after a decade of wage freezes to afford a few indulgences.
    Interesting that several of us haven't had raises in a long time. In my case, it's also been five years. Though I'm not IC, I wear cloth by choice and that's a much cheaper alternative. Where I occasionally spend money is replacing plastic pants which only last several month. Still, several months is cheaper than constant replacement.

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    I neverd had money problems but I'm a tight wad on diapers so I look the best diapers for the cheapest price at different stores or different websites, and I might buy my first cloth diapers from super undies soon for saving money
    And I say just budget yourself too
    For instence, let's say I get payed $400, I'll 10% for offering at church, then 10% saving, 10% on bills, and 10% on something that you want to save for, 10% on diapers if you want to. And the rest is free money like around $200

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