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    I just saw a trailer online for Scary Movie 5. Why do these movies keep getting made? Most of the critics (and my friends) hate them, because they seem to rely on cheap and gross humor and such. I think the last one (Meet the Spartans, I think) had a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Why do these projects keep getting greenlit if they're not successful? Sorry, guess I'm just ranting. Do any of you like these movies or hate them, and why? Why do you think these keep getting made.

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    They clearly are successful because otherwise they wouldn't be greenlit, people are clearly paying to see them and that's what determines whether a sequel gets made rather than critical reception. I liked the first 3 Scary Movie films because they were actually good but hated the fourth one and haven't seen any of the subsequent ones but knew from the adverts that I wouldn't like them. Some people do, some people like Justin Bieber and some people like opera but should they not be allowed to be made just because I don't like them?

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    My apologies. I didn't mean to come across as judgemental or anything. Everyone has their own tastes and these films just aren't my taste. I think I was half asleep when I wrote this anyway. You're right, some people like these, I just don't.

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