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    So, I have been gone several weeks, not in a place where I can get internet, but for the next day or two I will be at a relatives house. So I will take this time to ask still more questions. o.o

    Firstly, some of these may cause someone some offense. This is NOT intentional, I ask so that I may understand,

    I have seen hyponosis tapes online for things like bedwetting. And I hear of many wanting to start bedwetting. But my question is.Why? I mean, what if you say, have to stay at a relatives house, or a friends for some reason. Try explaining your diaper if they catch you while you sleep on the couch, or why their couch smells of urine. Seems becoming a bedwetter is a really bad idea as you may find yourself in situations where you can't wear, or are at someone elses home, etc. So my question is, while I can understand why it would be pleasng, why sacrifice such control over yourself when it will likely bite you in the butt?

    I have seen similar things with pacifier dependence. Where they sell hypnosis files to make one depend on a pacifier emotionally, etc. And have seen people on this site who seem to want just that.But this seems even worse than bedwetting, and it is likely to be harder to hide. A diaper can be hidden by pajamas...but try explaining it when a relative/friend walks into your room while you are asleep and sees you with a paci in your mouth. Let alone i you get truly depenedent you will get urges to do things like that in public. This is a problem I have myself. I am scared a bit that sometime one of my nephews might come visit in the morning and walk in on me without me waking. I usualywake up before they even get out of the car, trailer has thin walls, I can hear them pull up. But it scares me how my little nephews, 1-5 would react if for some reason, such as me being sick, I didn't wake. So I have 2 questions regarding this.

    What can do to help prevent this. And why would you want to become dependent on something you are likely to get discovered with.

    Seeing a therapist, but my grandmother is the one I really open up to the most, and talking to her about it helps me get used to talking about it, which helps me open up more with the therapist. One of her theories is that it involves a need for safety due to my stressfull life. Another is that as a small child, between 1-4 was when I was just being diagnosed with Panhypopituitarism, undergoing all kinds of tests, etc. They were testing my eyes a bit or I had some surgery and I had to wear an eye patch and rotate the eye it was on, noo one knew I was born blind in one eye so half the time I was blind before that ended. (Gee my toddler is bumping into things and is acting like he can't see when that eye is covered...hmm...he'll be fine, no need to consult an eye doctor...Not sure how they DIDN'T think to get some eye tests done but meh.) Then all that bloodwork and testing for my unknown medical issues causing all kinds of problems while I was a baby and toddler...She thinks it may have been traumatic. Wonder if that could play a role. Oppinions? (Therapy, yes but I am just asking if you personally think that could be part of it. I like peoples opinions.)

    I spoke of my fear of being discovered when I talked about pacifiers above, if I was found out and a lil nephew told their mom, any advice on how to handle it? One of my sisters might well stop having me watch her kids tihnking me a bad influence, she often over-reacts. She threatened it when Skylar asked me about the book I was reading, the bible, and I told him about god. Aparently for a few days he seemed to think he didn't have to listen to his adoptive father of sorts (her boyfriend, fiancee...whatever they are.) because of his "invisible dady" and she blamed that on me for some reason. (I obviously never told him he shouldn't obey his dad that is ust something he came up with for a few days.)

    Regarding my above question, anyone ever been caught by a family member?If so, how did you handle it? Any advice you could give me from that exirience? Something not to do that you did, something you should have said or did to help and regret not doing? Any dvice in general?

    Should that happen, how could I best get them not to tell anyone? Sure I could tell them I got it for snoring or other medical reasons they seem to sell them for in europe. (I hear in germany most pharmacies sell Nuk 5's "Medic Pro") But then I could see one of them saying to their mom or dad that they needed one because they snore, teeth grind, etc. etc. which would raise "where did you hear that?" and obviously I could see one of them saying. "I don't know, Someone told me but it wasn't uncle ronnie I promise" or some other such thing TRYING to cover for me but giving me away in the process. So any advic on how I coud explain it to a child to get them to not mention it to anyone if that did come up?

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    You have some great questions that more of us should really consider.

    The entire subject of hypnosis has been one that I have taken great interest in. A few years ago I had my first experience in going thought hypnosis, initiated by another person. I had already experienced self hypnosis years ago so I had a well grounded idea of what ti experience. The entire process is very relaxing and can be very wonderful.

    Hypnosis to start bed wetting is one of those things that may well be possible but not everyone will be susceptible. So this is an important thing to consider.

    Why would someone want I start bed wetting? I know that many AB/DL's will express this desire because they want to experience the natural feeling of having no control. While this makes some sense I suspect most of them have never thought there desires through. All they know is what they want. When I was a kid I was a bed wetter and I can say I hated it. Fast forward to today and I have long since overcome this issue. As an adult now I can wear a diaper ti bed and will often wet in my sleep, but then there is a big difference. I choose when and where I am diapered and this suits me very well.

    What I suspect is happening here is that people have a natural inclination to want what they don't or can't have. So for some AB/DL's enter the desire to wet the bed. If that some person looses actual control it is not too uncommon for the attitude to change.

    Pacifier dependence? Pacifiers, diapers and bed wetting are definitely very different things. While there is a social stigma behind all of these they are also not equal. Pacifiers are juvenile but for most are not as stigmatized as diapers, for example. So sometimes it is possible to get away with using a pacifier in public while wearing visible diapers would definitely not be good.

    I think this might be a good time to point out that the fear of discovery is simply not present in every person. Many AB/DL's live alone and have good privacy, many others don't care about others knowing. So for these groups, and others, the entire conversation of being discovered is really quite silly. There are also plenty of ways to manage things so that discovery can be avoided.

    The question of root cause. Much has been written on this topic on this site and I have been very vocal at times with my own theories. The reality is that we just don't have enough data to identify what causes these interests. I do believe that trauma could be a cause or even a trigger, but then there would need to be something that ties the cause or trigger to diapers. What I am saying is that having to wear an eye patch, as an example, is unlikely to trigger an interest in diapers even if the experience was traumatic. Coupled with other experiences, psychology or events and we might have something. So a child that resists potty training and develops an interest in keeping diapers as an emotional coping mechanism coupled with the trauma of medical issues in later life all might go together to result in an interest.

    It is also possible that none of what you mentioned has anything to do with your interests, that something else was responsible for the development of the interest.

    It also mention a fear of being discovered and how to deal with it. While your hypothetical is interesting it is also unlikely. You relate an entire chai of defendant events that may never happen. The reality is that many people will just not make a deal of what they accidentally learn about. This there is nothing to be done. Ultimately one of the best ways to deal with this issue is to remain discrete and to not allow others to know. Don't tell. Or involve your nephew. Keep everything well hidden. Remember that you are 25 and are entitled to privacy.

    Was I ever caught and is did I deal with it? I was caught, my mom found a stash of used diapers (I know, don't do that). She told my dad, I was abused and publicly humiliated over it. A the time I withdrew, became pretty depressed and I developed an unhealthy fear of discovery. It made it hard for me to open out to others.

    Keep in mind that both of the times I was caught I was a teen, no expectation of privacy. If I had done things differently I would have been more careful to dispose of used diapers.

    If I could do it all over I would have also found a way to tell my wife before we married, although I probably never would because of the abuse over diapers as a child. Either that, or never tell her.

    There is absolutely nothing legal that you can do to stop another person from telling others. So the trick is to, in my opinion, never tell anyone unless there is a compelling reason. If they find out just hope they have good integrity and discretion. Then just open up and ask that your privacy be maintained.

    The bottom line, it is understandable to be paranoid but it is also within your power to control how discretely you deal with all of this. If you don't want others to know, don't tell anyone. Very simple!

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    As about be discovered by family member: with my sister nothing, just she knows about, but when my mother found out, it ruined my relation with her. I tolod her "It's not your thing. Don't ask more." Interesting is, just for handcluffs and strings didn't told me anything.

    To prevent be discovered - lock your room.

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    Not a teen myself, just living with my parents ue to medical issues. (Infact very recently a severe bout of flue caused an adrenal crisis that could have killed me had I not been able to get to the hospital.) As for locking my room, right now there isn't really a way for me to do that... If I could, I never would have asked such questions. XD

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