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Thread: Hi, I am a new member

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    Default Hi, I am a new member

    As you have read in the title I am a new member on this board. Generally I am a friendly highschool student and I am looking forward to get other people to know who likes diapers, too.
    Sorry if you noticed that my english is not the best. I try to write some easy sentences, so you can hopefully understand me easier.
    As I wrote it before: I am a friendly teenager but this is not everything about me to know. Of course I like diapers and age play and that is also why I have joined this commmunity, but I in my freetime I am mostly a common teenager who likes to watch Anime. On the other hand I am not only an "Otaku". Friends are important to me. So I like to spend timewith them. Normally there are some more activities I like to do in my free time but it would take too much time to mention them all.
    To sum up I am just as normal as you and interested in diapers, but I am also just a common teenager trying to find some like-minded people.
    Hopefully it was not to difficult for you to understand me. If there are some mistakes in grammar or spelling I feel really sorry but I think that should be enough to introduce myself. Thanks for your time reading who I am.
    Have a nice Wednesday evening, bye......

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    Hey hey WayneBrady.

    Welcome to ADISC :3

    Nice introduction. I'm sure you find some like-minded people here.

    ~ saki

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    Default Re: Hi, I am a new member

    "Are you gonna make Wayne Brady choke a bitch?
    Sorry, the first thing that came up in my mind. Chapelle Show moment.

    Anyways, welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi and welcome to the site. If I may ask, do you speak a different language, or do you have a learning disability? We have members on the site who are either English as a second language, or have a language disability. Like you, they do quite well in expressing themselves here, and since we are a support site, we are very accepting.

    I'm a musician and an educator. I also like getting out on my bike which is a Trek 7.5. What are some of the things you enjoy?

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    @ MeTaLMaNN1983:
    The idea to call me "WayneBrady" arised during the time I watched Chappelles Show in telivision . Anyway thanks to welcome me.

    @dogboy :
    Yes, I normally speak german. That is the reason I have to think a lot how to express myself. I do not have neither a learning disability nor a language disability. On the contrary I am interested in languages but English is not one of my favourites. Usually I only speak english during the english lessons in school. Nevertheless I like to learn new languages. I think when I have finished my Abitur I will start to learn japanese.
    To answer the questions about my hobbies I can say I like to go swimming sometimes, watch Animes like I mentioned in my introduction before and spend time with friends. I hope to answered all your questions. Maybe I understood something wrong. Then feel free to ask again but before I finish I just wanted to say my mark in english is only a "3" in the U.S.A I think they use letters to evaluate the students so it would be a "C". I mentioned that so you understand why I am not sure that I expressed myself in the right way and you don't hold me for a disabled person because I am not!
    Anyway I thank you to welcome me on this board, too.
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