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Thread: Why SHOULD I use the men's room?!?

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    Unhappy Why SHOULD I use the men's room?!?

    Once upon a time, back in 2009 (which rhymes), I used to have a video on YouTube with the same title as this post. But I have since then deleted my channel, when I got caught by my parents via a long-distance call saying that my cousin (who befriended me without telling me who he was) had "leaked" my private YT videos to the whole, entire family by logging-on at his grandmother's computer (she's my Aunt) during Sunday get-togethers of 10 or more family members! So I deleted my YT account after sobbing and promising "never to do it again," begging "Mommy Dearest" not to hurt me because it's not like I started testosterone, "cut-off" my breasts, of even bought a single piece of male clothing or even underwear, for crying out loud!!!

    Anyway, so the question still remains: WHY IN HEAVEN'S NAME SHOULD I USE THE MEN'S BATHROOM when I am NEVER "read" as male, my breasts being too large at a whopping 44DDD for me to pass without a dangerous, potentially rib-cracking binder (which I've never bought since Mom would never allow it) or a double-incision mastectomy costing as much as a luxury car!!! In addition to this, my voice could only pass for a boy in what I call "Tanner 2" of male puberty, meaning I might sound like an average kid of 12-13 as opposed to 5-11 (with Justin Bieber maturing 3 yrs. late and Daniel Radcliffe 2 yrs. early), since it has deepened slightly throughout my teens and 20's (I'm 29.5 with no intersex condition and have never put a microliter of T in my body). The only thing "masculine" about me is my excessive body hair in comparison to the average woman, my dad looking like a gorilla and shaving by age 13, but since Mom requires me to shave my legs (Mar-Oct) and reminds me to run the neck trimmer on my face when my fuzzy moustache comes back, nobody even knows about that.

    But on YouTube, there were several Pre-T "guys" insisting that, "Even if you only pass for a butch girl, you should just go ahead and use the men's room," which made me REALLY MAD!!! Then as they made fun of how, "Men only go in there to piss/shit, whereas women go in there to strike-up random conversations with strangers," it really lit my fuse because that has NOT been my experience!!! (Nobody ever taks to me or questions why I use the ladies' room, and I have NEVER tried to pee standing-up for fear of dripping allover the place and being KILLED by Mom!) When I use the women's room, whether by myself of with her, I feel 100% SAFE and COMFORTABLE, not even caring if I fart aloud because women know I do it (unlike stupid men, who don't even think we poop), but the same could not be said about the men's room. In fact, I could MUCH MORE EASILY go in my pants on the ride home than to feel "safe" enough to relax my bowels in a room where the dangerous gender goes to do the same!

    So once again, why, in Heaven's name, should this little Pre-T, "mezzo-soprano" of a VIRGIN little boi use the dangerous bathroom when there are plenty of little XY boys up to age 10 who are in there as I "hold Mama's purse, baby" while she pees? (She's so sweet about asking me to that it makes it hard to believe how much of a monster she can be if I dare mention being "trans.") Why should I go against "Mama" and "Daddy" and all who love me just to use the restroom where there may be urine allover the floor and possibly a rapist waiting to get me because they can tell that my pelvis isn't "male" and never will be? (No amount of T can erase the curvature of a grown woman's hips.) Why SHOULD I listen to such people on YouTube when I'm not even allowed to have an account, now that I got busted in 2010 and therefore banned from the computer for a month? Why SHOULD I "stand-up" or use the men's restroom when I have an otherwise loving mom and a sometimes financially-supportive dad?
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    Sorry, I'm not meaning this in an offensive way, but you're nearly 30 years old and you "aren't aloud" to have a YouTube account? That just seems quite insane. What is stopping you from moving out? (from your post it seems as though you live at home yet) Your mother would definitely not kill you, she may attempt or threaten; but the likelihood of her going through with it are slim to none. You seem to be rather torn between your trans side and birth gender. Not that I know how it feels by any means to even feel like a male.

    I guess your post simply confuses me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobiBoi7 View Post
    (unlike stupid men, who don't even think we poop)
    I've seen you make this comment so many times, you do realise that men saying that women don't poop is a joke right? Because there is seriously no man out there who believes that women don't poop, it is a well known and accepted fact that everyone poops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    I've seen you make this comment so many times, you do realise that men saying that women don't poop is a joke right? Because there is seriously no man out there who believes that women don't poop, it is a well known and accepted fact that everyone poops.
    The unserious nature of this has been pointed out more than once. I attempted to find where I did it but it looks to have been in a forum that's been deep-sixed. Suffice to say that it's nothing new, and the OP's persistence with it is pretty disappointing.

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    Another vote for confused at you being 30 years old and still having internet access dictated by parents.

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    I really think you should focus on moving out, perhaps with a roommate even, before you deal with your FtM problems. Your parents should not have this much control over your life at nearly 30. It's unhealthy and is obviously causing you many problems. Either try living like an adult with them, or if that is seriously impossible, try and get out as soon as possible. Then you'll actually be able to do things considering your gender identity and personal freedoms. I would really highly consider starting your own life for you.

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    I'm not sure there is much value to this kind of thread. You've already gotten the advice you can reasonably expect:
    • You are old enough that you shouldn't let your parents control what you do.
    • You shouldn't let people on the Internet control what you do.
    • If you are biologically a women and feel more comfortable using the women's bathroom then just do that.
    • Nobody in the world over the age of 5 actually think girls don't poop.

    Apart from the above 4 being repeated ad nauseam there is nothing to be had from this thread, so closed.

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