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    Default Hi from Rhode Island

    I'm Jake.

    I've been into this fetish and lifestyle since I was 12 years old. Possibly before that even. I used to draw pictures of girls in diapers when I was bored. It turned me on a little but I always thought I was messed up or that something was wrong with me. I always wondered why and to this day I still don't have an answer.

    I like girls in diapers. I like girls peeing in diapers. I don't like scat. I'm not much for humiliation. I respect my woman when I have one. I was raised to treat women with respect and to always be a gentleman.

    I'm 26. I live in Rhode Island. I can't eat shellfish. I love to play my guitar. I like video games and computers. I'm looking to be able to meet people in my area to talk to. Men and women alike. [Removed] I'm going to ask a lot of questions so please don't feel like I'm interrogating you.

    I'm more of a watersports enthusiast than an AB/DL but I'm all of the above. I've had many women in my life who were accepting of my fetishes and they would partake in activities. I've been a lucky guy. [Removed]
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    first, be nice. second, you are a newbie, not a moderator, and i can tell you read the rules, so obey them. third, no invoking Tool without giving proper credit. :-)

    i think a significant fraction of the site's 25,395 members disagrees with you.

    welcome to adisc. i'd enjoy your polite company, and i really enjoyed your lighthearted and honest introduction. i hope you'll stick around for more conversation like your first post.
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    You can chat with each other that is fine. But ADISC is not a hook-up site is all.
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    Remember, this is still an introduction thread! Stay on topic, and welcome him to the site
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