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Thread: Going to see a Clinical psychology soon

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    Question Going to see a Clinical psychology soon

    Just wondering what to expect when I go see this person in a couple of days. I've never been to a regular psychologist or anything else along the lines of this matter. What type of questions will they ask ? How open should I be with my answers ? I just need some advice and help with this matter.

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    i went and saw one and the one i saw was really good. I had a fair bit of apprehension as well considering i have never been to a psychologist. However, the lady i spoke to was really able to get to know me quickly and we happily talked about what i wanted to talk about. This is perhaps the best thing about the clinical psychologist, they wont push you too far and will let you provide whatever answer you feel you want to give. For me, i was focused on a very difficult situation and a high amount of stress and because of that, i was having trouble in making a decision about what i was going to be doing with my studies (im at university and was contemplating taking a year off to re-assess what i wanted to be doing).

    All in all, i got to talk everything out and she offered some advice (not on my situation but on what i was thinking it and why i was thinking about it) and really managed to help me feel good about whichever decision i would make.

    So my advice, be as open or as closed as you feel comfortable with the person you are seeing. They will only direct you but will let you say as much or as little as you want to.

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    You only get out what you put in.

    Answer the questions however you see fit, but just remember that the more honest you are, the more likely they are going to be able to provide answers and help. You have nothing to fear from a psychologist, patient-doctor confidentiality and all that.
    Put on a brave face and tell them what you can. If you have difficulty answering a particular question, let them know, and ask if they can rephrase the question. Saying that is much better than giving a false answer (that way they know something is there, and can tread more delicately). It's a psychologists job and passion to help, so let them

    Good luck!

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