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Thread: Hey guys! Long time DL finally coming to terms

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    Default Hey guys! Long time DL finally coming to terms

    Hi everyone!

    I've been lurking on this forum forever now and I finally mustered up the courage to join up this great community. I've haven't worn a diaper in over 8 years but I'm hoping to start again.

    I also recently started getting into furry stuff, though my interest in it is not as strong as being a DL. Nevertheless, I still feel being a furry has some really cool elements to it.

    I love movies, especially sci-fi stuff; I also enjoy listening to electronic music and playing video games like Portal 2.

    I've been interested in diapers since I was a kid, but I had bedwetting problems as a teen and had to wear diapers until I was able to control myself. Ever since then, I greatly missed the sensation despite feeling guilty for liking it. Now that I'm in my early 20s, I'm finally feeling okay with this fetish and hoping to indulge in it more often. I'm also hoping to make new friends too

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Nice intro Welcome to adisc. I was a lurker too for a while but like you I decided to join. I like sci-fi too and futuristic weapons hehe. Hope too see ya around

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    Thanks, lilaznboy!

    Gotta love futuristic guns! Some of my faves include the pulse rifle from Aliens and the blaster that Harrison Ford uses in Blade Runner.

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