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    Hello all,
    Im new here but a longtime sissy AB. I was wondering what everyones favorite sissy outfit(s) is?

    I am always dressed like a toddler to 6yo in either a longsleeved high waisted short party dress or a short jumper dress. With a jumper dress I usually wear either a white longsleeved lace trimmed button down blouse with peter pan collar or a white turtle neck blouse. Under my dresses I always wear a white lace trimmed undervest, white opaque tights, white lace trimmed anklet socks, and either black or white single strap Mary Jane shoes. Under my tights I either a wearing lace trimmed panties with a thick incontinance pad (Tena Ultimate) or a thick white disposable diaper. My dresses are usually so short that you can see the panties/pad or diaper peeking out thru my white tights.

    Luv and Hugs

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    Sounds pretty familiar. Mine is a gingham blue cotton sundress (which you might find on eBay by searching on "aunt d blue sundress"). I wear a full petticoat which is pinned to my sock-stuffed bra (because the elastic has given out). I have on cloth diapers and Leakmaster plastic pants (they are, IMHO, closest to the original Gerber style). Then I'll have on either white or pink or blue tights (good source for plus sizes is "We Love Colors"). Over that a diaper cover of some kind of rhumba style. Maybe some lace trimmed anklets and my (only) pair of black Mary Jane's. Some lipstick, nail polish, rouge some costume jewlery and a wig and my Playtex baby bottle in hand to keep me refreshed!


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