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    So this week marks the first time in close to 8 years where I have a few dreams that involve me diapered in it.

    It's strange but although I know my dreams aren't solely about regressing or doing babyish things, it seems that wherever I am or whatever I'm doing in it my dream self is diapered. Strange thing is it's happened 3 nights in a row now and for 2 of them, I wasn't padded when I went to bed.

    Little strange by my standards but I guess it's an occupational hazard of the *B/DL thing. Anyone else gone through something like this.

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    I have the...unfortunate pleasure of not remembering my dreams, which can be great in the circumstances of having nightmares, but not so great when I have good dreams. The only way I can gauge the content of my dreams is by how I slept, and how I wake up...

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    My dreams are long, detailed and extremely exciting! But I don't write them down very often, because it takes far too long. The last one I wrote in full detail was 9000 point form, most of it was visual descriptions I guess. Still, even when I forgo description it can be quite long.

    Also, I'd say only every other dream I'm diapered. Most the time it doesn't come up, but if my underwear becomes relevant, then it's almost always a diaper. The most common diaper dream I have is trying to change in a busy place with my family around and not nearly enough privacy. Somehow though, I always manage it. If only real life was so forgiving.

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    My dreams either end up with me dieing, going to jail or they show days that happen in my future. I do have dreams in which I'm diapered every once and a while, but I usually fall out of bed when they happen -.-

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    I have very vivid dreams, and nightmares. I believe the last diapered dream I had was a great dream with me and this girl that I have been talking to and it involved diapering and some other things

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    Weird that this thread popped up. I dreamed last night quite a bit, and while I had a dream the night before last, I don't remember it. Sometimes I remember, but it's hit or miss.
    Last night, I dreamed that I was with a friend of mine who to my knowledge was not into diapers and such, and he kept telling me he had to "go to the store" and he would come back with a backpack. Well I kept begging him to take me along, and finally I went with him. We went into the middle of nowhere and there was this ABDL store. They had pretty much everything you could want in there. Every kind of diaper imaginable. And they had free samples. It was crazy. I woke up, and when I fell back asleep, the dream started again, but I tried to go back to the store and there was a closed sign in the window, and all the shelves were empty. It was depressing. I was then told by this woman who was leaving when I got there that it was closing up for good.

    Then I woke up again.

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    I've probably had a great load of dreams, but either I've forgotten them the instant I woke, or they've gradually faded from memory over time.

    There is one that stands out though, presumably because it's the first *B/DL dream I had. The dream started like any normal day, the only significant thing being that the house was FULL of diapers. Packs and packs of all different types, filling up every space in the house. I kept trying to open them and put one on, but something was stopping me. Then I thought I heard my parents coming so I panicked and woke up.

    Since that happened before I ever went and got some diapers, I'm guessing it somehow represents my struggle to get them.

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    My dreams are so f***ing disapointing I am always about to put a diaper on then I wake up. Never succeeded in getting one! Been like that for as long as I can remember!

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    If I'm dreaming I know nothing about it, I do remember dreaming when I was much younger, but now I just fall asleep and wake up and don't remember a dam thing.

    Maybe all my dreams have been answered, and I don't need to dream anylonger.

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    What's funny for me is...ever since I started sleeping with my teddy bear, I would say about every 1 in 15 dreams that I remember involve me having my teddy with me out in public and trying to hide it. Of course, I never bother to think about why I have the teddy in public in the first's like it's just magically there, or I brought it without thinking. But, you know how dreams go.

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