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    So I have been getting over this nasty viral and for a few days my stomach has been hurting. Also I have been in and out of the bathroom (need I say more or explain?). Anyways how can I stop this pain and the constant bathroom "breaks"? Also what is causing my stomach to hurt SO much?

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    Call a doctor.

    It could be a number of things, from the flu or a nasty stomach virus.

    As for a raw bottom, try using wipes instead of toilet paper, and a cream.

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    Try something like peptobismal, you know the pink stuff in the medicine cabinet, it will make your stomach feel better.

    You can mix it with some cold milk it will help the taste.

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    You came down with a virus that hurts your stomach and causes you to go to the bathroom lots. Do you:

    a) Tell a doctor.
    b) Talk to a trusted family member.
    c) Ask questions on a non medical internet forum.

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    Call a doctor up and set up a appointment to see what wrong with you. If they found anything wrong, they probably give you some medicine that well take care of the pain.

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    Also, and here comes the cliché: try to drink plenty of water. Getting dehydrated will only make things suck more.

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    If you are ill and it doesn't go away - call a doctor. It is that simple. People are always worried about calling a doctor - they shouldn't be. It is job to make sure that if you are ill you get better.

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    Put some destin on your aniny hole. Along with using wet wipes.

    BTW are you any better?

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    Butterfly Mage


    Oh... And make sure you don't run low on electrolytes too. I you're having a lot of diarrhea (sp?) You might want to pick up a few bottles of gatoraid or pedialyte.

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