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Thread: Balance And Out Of Balance.

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    Default Balance And Out Of Balance.

    I was wandering how people here feel and thing about
    balance between there little and/or furry and there big.

    How do people find there own balance?
    Dose it work for you and why?
    Dose anyone feel out of balance one way or the other.
    Dose anyone feel unhappy with how often they have to
    or need to be big or little or furry?

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    Balance is a pretty important thing for me although I do find, at times, that I still swing between overdoing it and not doing it enough. Over the years, especially the past couple of years I have determined that balance has been far more important than I have ever really considered it to be.

    How do I find balance?

    Most of the time I simply set my balance point based on what I know has worked in the past. I will then try to restrain my diaper and baby time to evenings on 3 or 4 evenings a week.sometimes I get tired of it and when this happens I might go a week or two at a time wearing very seldom, like once a week. If I find that I have gone too log without a diaper I know that I risk a situation where I will really want to overindulge. So to prevent this I make sure I wear at least weekly.

    This doesn't always work out because my schedule and other life conditions swing so widely. I believe part of this has I do with my emotional state. As long as the stress is not more than just mild, and other emotional issues are not cropping up, or that I am pretty happy, I find that my need to use diapers is really not present. Yet even during these times the desire still comes back and is usually really intense. It is rare for me to go more than two or three weeks without diapers. When the stress and other issues are at the very worst I have a hard time going without diapers although I do still restrain it down to just bed time so that I am not too out of control.

    I'm not too unhappy with the frequency of my need, although I would like to maintain a good balance where I am not overindulging at any point.

    I know that if I can keep emotional balance I have balance in my diaper needs, conversely if I keep my diaper activities balanced I find that I get the emotion benefits and that the diaper use doesn't interfere with anything else thus increasing stress.

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